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Certified Intern Projects


Internship Project Database

Say you wanted to explore all projects where Stewards have built rain gardens? Or maybe you want to connect with Osprey monitoring on the Jersey shore? How about reducing recycling contamination? Our database allows you to search by keyword, county, or even find out which organizations have hosted Stewards. The database is meant to help you connect with other Stewards and draw inspiration from what they have accomplished.

Click here to simply see projects listed by year.

Are you an organization that needs help from an Environmental Steward? Contact Michele Bakacs, the state program coordinator, with your ideas for internship projects.

Internship Project Details and Guidelines

Students are certified as Rutgers Environmental Stewards once they've completed 60 hours of classroom instruction and 60 hours of a volunteer internship. The internship is one that the Steward develops with guidance from the program coordinator. The internship project helps Stewards get real world experience working on environmental problems in their communities. The culmination of the internship is at our annual conference where the Steward presents their project to a live audience via oral or poster presentation.

Guidelines for internships are as follows:

Stewards can do their internship on their own or with a host organization, such as a local non-profit or government agency. Requests for assistance from host organizations are passed on to Stewards as potential internships. Planning for the internship project is woven into the course portion of the program. Ideas are discussed throughout the course and specific classes are dedicated for planning purposes. Stewards must complete the program's internship planning form, and have it approved by the coordinator and host organization (if using one) prior to getting started on their project.

Steward internship projects have focused on:AnnGaleEABProject

Stewards are encouraged to complete their internship within a year of completing the classroom portion of the program.