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Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]


Burlington County classes will begin in the fall of 2017! Passaic, Somerset, Union, and Atlantic Counties will start winter, 2018.

See our enrollment forms and contacts for help on joining our team of 400 alumni working to improve New Jersy's environment!

Our 2016 Annual Report is here

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The Rutgers Environmental Steward program trains volunteers in important environmental issues affecting New Jersey so they can help solve local environmental problems. Make a difference in your community! Become a Rutgers Environmental Steward.

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Graduates become knowledgeable about the basic processes of earth, air, water and biological systems. They increase awareness of the techniques and tools used to monitor and assess the health of the environment. They gain an understanding of the research and regulatory infrastructure of state and federal agencies operating in New Jersey that relate to environmental issues. They are given an introduction to group dynamics and community leadership.

Class of 2009 Field Trip

They learn to recognize the elements of sound science and public policy based on that science. They acquire some sense of the limits of current understanding of the environment.

It is our goal that graduates use their knowledge to expand public awareness of scientifically based information related to environmental issues and facilitate positive change in their community.

See some scenes from our classes and field trips here.


Help us help New Jersey's Environment! Give today to the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Enrichment Fund. The money will be used to fund top intern projects that could happen faster with a jumpstart of funding. Our goal for this year is $10,000 to celebrate our 10th year