Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

What our Students Say:

"There were few weeks that went by when I did not hear a report on NPR or read an article in the newspaper that did not relate directly to the topic of the week. In fact, there were several weeks where the expert quoted in the article had been our presenter.....I have several degrees and a number of certifications earned in 10 years of college and graduate school on several campuses. This course is clearly one of the best I have ever taken!
Jerry Sackin, ACUA Calss of 2016

“The Environmental Steward class experience was incredible!  To be able to learn from Rutgers University Professors was something I do not think I would have been able to do otherwise.  The information was widespread and gave me a better understanding of how the people of the state of new jersey are committed to preserving the state for future generations.”
Maryann Young, Class of 2006

“My experience with the Environmental Steward Program has been very positive. Coming from “Corporate America”, the subject matter in the classes opened up a whole new world to me! The excellence of the instructors, combined with the varied backgrounds of the other interns in the class, made for a most enjoyable learning experience.”
Monica B. Smith, Class of 2006

"The Environmental Stewards class provides students with a well rounded perspective on environmental issues and problems that occur in their communities. Most importantly students are given the tools to address these issues in their backyards and throughout their communities. This class is about action as much as it is about learning".
Michael Brennan, Class of 2005

Darn, this is fun! ...And, I think, extremely relevant to NJ's success in maintaining and recreating its quality of life standards for its citizens ...and the country!
Steve Foster, Class of 2006

...the exposure to these subjects brought more understanding of local and global environmental concerns.
Michel Cullier and Maria DeWakefield, Class of 2005

“My experience with the Environmental Stewardship program from the very first class to the last surpassed my expectations.  I felt as though I should be forking out a lot more money for the program due to the expertise of the instructors who presented to us and the breadth of topics discussed.   The experience has been very fulfilling, and I expect that when I've completed the 60 required hours, I'll focus on a new, perhaps more lofty project.  Also, I'm looking into ways to turn this into a career opportunity by taking courses and a local college.
Janine Blunt, Class of 2006

“"Attending the Environmental Stewards lecture program was a rewarding experience. It was great to meet top people in the field who care about the state we live in and are working to protect the environment in a positive way."
Kim Yousey, Class of 2006

" Thank YOU for the fabulous experience of the Environmental Stewards program!   It was the best learning experience I have ever had (and I've had a lot). "
Louise Wilkins, Class of 2006

Other anonymous quotes from class evaluations:

"I now speak to friends and acquaintances re: problems and issues and small changes one can make to make a large difference."

"This course has given me confidence to be able to find the information that will help solve these environmental issues. I find myself providing factual information to groups friends (and enemies) when environmental matters arise."

"This course has enabled me to better be a source of information for stewardship of a watershed/estuary."

"I realize that I know more, because of a better background on environmental situations and feel more confident about using that knowledge in working with my local government and local agencies."

"I am now aware of environmental commission in my town; the class made me focus more on that info."

"This course helped by translating complex issues into easily understandable and relevant topics in people’s everyday lives."

"I hope for some improvement in my ability to help others as a change maker "

"I felt this course was made in heaven."