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RESAA Forum 2015 Summary

RESAA Forum/ General Meeting at NJDEP 2015


 2015 RESAA Forum Summary and Meeting Minutes

2015 Forum Summary
Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Trenton, New Jersey
Public Hearing Room, First Floor

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Summary of July 22, 2015 Forum/ Meeting

The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Association held its Sixth Annual Alumni

Forum and General Membership Meeting at the NJDEP on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

8:30 a.m. Sign-in and Networking
DEP cafeteria for refreshments, Meeting Room for Networking. RES Alumni Will Sigle (Duke'06) and Steve Foster (Duke’06) greeted and checked in attendees at the registration desk

9:25 a.m. Welcome, Overview of Program and Logistics

DEPTanya Oznowich, Supervisor, DEP Environmental Education Office of Communications, welcomed the group on behalf of the NJDEP.  Bruce Barbour, RES Program Director and Rutgers Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Resource Management Agent, thanked Tanya Oznowich, Marc Rogoff and the NJDEP for hosting the sixth annual Forum/ Meeting of the Rutgers Environmental Stewards.

9:45 Opening Remarks and Q/A with Director, Local Government Assistance, DEP

Cindy Randazzo, Director of Local Government Assistance, helps to make the DEP more efficient and responsive to members of local government and the general public. Ms. Randazzo urged everyone to contact her for help if they were not familiar with the structure and organization of the DEP.

Contact information: (609) 633-7700

10:00a.m. Close-Up: New Jersey Forest Health Issues; Presentation and Q&A

Rosa Yoo, Assistant Regional Forester, New Jersey State Forestry Services, DEP (609) 984-3861

Presentation: Forest Health Program in New Jersey Additional Information:

Detected in NJ

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Emerald Ash Borer (EAB); NJ Dept of Ag Management Plan; New Jersey Fact Sheet:EAB; Suggested Replacement Trees for EAB; No NJ list available but the Ohio List was recommended

Gypsy Moth
NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry: Gypsy Moth; US Dept of Agriculture: Gypsy Moth;

2015 NJ Gypsy Moth Aerial Defoliation Survez

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA)

NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry: Hemlock woolly Adelgid

Southern Pine Beetle NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry: SPB in NJ

Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS)NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry: BLS

Coming Threats to Forest Health:
Thousand Canker Disease (TCD) – an insect/fungus combo on Black Walnut Trees:
Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB) – no new outbreaks in NJ at this time
NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry: ALB
Sirex Woodwasp (pine trees) US Dept of Ag Forest Service Pest Alert: Sirex woodwasp
Spotted Lanternfly – Asian leaf planthopper - can impact many crops, especially fruit; USDA Blog;   PA Department of Agriculture

General Information on Forests

2014 Forest Health Highlights, New Jersey
Healthy Forest Initiative: NJISST

10:00a.m. Life’s a Beach! Introduction to New Jersey’s Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program; Presentation and Q&A

Virginia Loftin, Research Scientist, Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring, DEP; (609) 984-5599

Presentation: Coastal Beach Water Qualitybeach

Additional Information:

Coastal Management Program

Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program

Marine Water Monitoring

Coastal Beach Information

Beach Closing Advisory

EPA: Trash Free Waters

EPA: Trash Free Waters Program

11:30a.m. Updates: Next Generation Science Standards and the Greening of New Jersey Schools; Presentation and Q&A 

Tanya Oznowich, Environmental Education Supervisor; Office of Communications DEP (609) 984-9802    

Four Areas of Focus

  • What Environmental Education (EE) is;
  • What EE is and who practices it;
  • Why EE is relevant and beneficial; and
  • How EE is advancing through green practices and sustainability education

 Core Curriculum Scjence

Sustainable Jersey for Schools

New Jersey Eco-Schools USA

Green Ribbon School application

Websites related to outdoor classrooms

2015 ANJEE 30th Annual Conference

Environmental Education Resource List (City of Camden)

"Children Learn What They Live"


Lunch: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

After lunch, Bruce Barbour introduced Dr. Larry S. Katz, Senior Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and Director, Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Dr Katz commented on the enthusism of the RES alumni volunteers. He stated that the program provides volunteers with the environmental knowledge needed to work with with community decision makers.

Rachel Karl, Director of Development, SEBS & NJAES, passed out RES owl logo magnets to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the program. Volunteers were asked to contribute to a fund which would provide money for certification internships.

2015 Meeting

Business meeting: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Bill Curzie, RESAA President, opened a discussion by alumni on environmental topics which were of interest to them and useful for their volunteer projects.

Afternoon Speakers

Presentations and Q/A

DEPMark Texel, Director of the New Jersey State Park Service, Division of Parks and Forestry, DEP

State Parks and Forests Website

NJ Parks and Recreation

NJ State Historic Sites

NJ Parks and Forests Events Calendar

NJ Trails Program; NJ State Trails (Trail Links)

NJDEP State Parks, Forests and Historic Sites Website

2013 - 2017 NJ Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

2:45 p.m. WASTE HANDLING AFTER A STORM Presentation and Q/A

Robin Heston, Supervisor, Bureau of Solid Waste Permitting, DEP; (609) 292-9880

Storn=m Debris

NJ Responds to Superstorm Sandy

Disaster Debris Management Planning Toolkit for NJ Municipalities

NJDEP EmergencyDebris Planning Fact Sheet

Rutgers Hurricane and Flood Resources Sites



Marc Rogoff, Office of Communications, DEP

(609) 292-1474 GEEA Logo

NJDEP Seeds Website

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Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards

Application Now - September 30, 2015


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