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RESAA Forum 2014 Summary


RESAA Forum/ General Meeting at NJDEP 2014

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2014 RESAA Forum Summary and Meeting Minutes

Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Forum 2014
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Trenton, New Jersey
Public Hearing Room, First Floor
Forum Summary - Speakers and Related Topics

"Easy Access" to NJ DEP Programs and Staff

The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Association held its Fifth Annual Alumni Forum and General Membership Meeting at the NJDEP on Tuesday, July 29, 2014.

Marc and Tanya

Rutgers Environmental Stewards would like to thank Tanya Oznowich, Supervisor, DEP Office of Communications, for organizing the program of speakers and for coordinating the day’s agenda with Marc Rogoff, DEP Office of Communications, who facilitated the audio-visual portion of the presentations.


Summary of July 29, 2014 Forum/ Meeting

8:30 a.m. Sign-in and Networking -

DEP cafeteria for refreshments, Meeting Room for Networking. RES Alumni Will Sigle (Duke'06) and Steve Foster (Duke’06) greeted and checked in attendees at the registration desk

9:25 a.m. Welcome

Tanya Oznowich, Supervisor, DEP Environmental Education Office of Communications, welcomed the group on behalf of the NJDEP.  Bruce Barbour, RES Program Director and Rutgers Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Resource Management Agent, stated that the RES Program is expanding, with 5 classes held this year. He announced that Rutgers Environmental Agents, Pat Rector, Amy Rowe and Michele Bakacs have joined the program. He introduced Daniel Kluchinski, Assistant Director, Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Chair, Department of Agricultural and Resource Management Agents, who thanked the Rutgers staff and the RES volunteers for their environmental work in the state.

9:35 Opening Remarks and Q/A with Director, Local Government Assistance

Tanya Oznowich introduced Cindy Randazzo, DEP Director of Local Government Assistance, who helps to make the DEP more efficient and responsive to members of local government and the general public. Cindy Randazzo

Ms. Randazzo urged everyone to contact her for help if they were not familiar with the structure and organization of the DEP.

She assists local government groups and members of the public to find the DEP office and staff members which would best answer their questions or help with their concerns.

Contact information:

Director, Local Government Assistance


10:00 What’s New? DEP’s Illegal Dumping Campaign

Katie Barnett, Water Resources Management 609-292-7219

Arthur Zanfini, Compliance and Enforcement 973-656-4406

2014 Forum

Water Resource Management

Water Compliance and Enforcement

Solid waste Compliance and Enforcement

Stop Illegal Dumping; Awareness;

Stewardship; Enforcement



10:45 Ozone Concerns in New Jersey: “Tis the Season!”

James Oxley, Environmental Specialist, Bureau of Air Monitoring (609) 633-1468


NJ Air Monitoring Site; Current Status; Air Quality Index;

Air Quality Partnership of the Delaware Valley;

Air Quality Monitoring Contacts and Feed back

Division of Air Quality Areas; Air Quality Notifications ; About Enviroflash

11:15 Greening and “Sustainabilizing” New Jersey Schools

Tanya Oznowich, Supervisor, DEP Environmental Education Office of Communications (609) 984-9802 2014 Tanya

Green Ribbon Schools Home Page

Green Ribbon Schools Committee

NJ Sustainable Schools Project


What is Eco-Schools?

Seeds the State Environmental Education Directory website

Marc Rogoff, Dep Office of Communications (609) 292-1474 or

Subscribe to Environmental Education News

ANJEE, Alliance for NJ Environmental Education;

NAAEE North American Association for Environmental Education

Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards Application due September 17, 2014

Flyer; Past Winners

12:00 – 2:00pm Lunch and RESAA General Meeting

Attendees ate lunch at tables in the meeting room set up for informal conversation and exchange of ideas. After lunch, Bruce Barbour introduced Dr. Larry S. Katz, Senior Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and Director, Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

Dr Katz stated that the RES Program plays an important part in Rutgers Cooperative Extension and urged everyone to continue promoting the program. He said that the charitable gift annuity recently received from former NJ Legislator, Maureen Ogden, will enable the RES program to expand in the state.

***********RESAA Business Meeting: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m ***********

Bill CurzieRESAA President Bill Curzie (EcoComplex’07) opened the general meeting and presented a short history of the alumni organization from its inception in 2007, the formation of the Executive Board in 2008 to its present fifth Forum and General Meeting at the NJDEP.

He recognized the following RES Forum attendees who participated in the organization and development of RESAA in addition to himself: Steve Foster (Duke’06), Pat Hudson (Essex‘10), Jim May (EcoComplex’07), Dionne Polk (EcoComplex’07), Irene Sabin (Duke’07), Will Sigle (Duke’06) Paula Uhland (Eco Complex’07). The alumni then formed groups to discuss environmental topics of interest to them and presented short summaries of their concerns and/ or solutions to the entire audience.  Discussion groups


Curt Rowell (Belvidere'14) reports on the the discussion of the Community Action group which was composed of various Environmental Commission and Green Team members. The challenges discussed by this group include recruiting members and businesses needed to increase the impact of environmental messages in the community.

IOS and CR


Steve Foster (Duke’06) prepared the New Jersey map (right) which shows where approximately 500 RES alumni are located and working by townships and towns.

The display illustrates the success of the RES Program by the widespread distribution and activity of RES alumni throughout New Jersey. The inception of the RES Program was in 2005, under the direction of Bruce Barbour, RES Program Director.

This photo shows Irene Sabin (Duke'07), RESAA Secretary, and Cindy Randazzo, DEP Director of Local Government Assistance, standing next to the New Jersey alumni distribution map and the NJDEP logo.



Afternoon Speakers:

2:00 Update: NJ Water Supply and Hydraulic Fracturing

Karl Muessig, PhD, State Geologist (609) 292-1185

NJ Geological and Water Survey; What's New?

Hydraulic Fracturing

Online Publications; Digital Geodata Series

Unearthing NJ - Winter/Spring 2014

2:35 Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Basics

Adriana Caldarelli, Environmental Scientist, Division of Water Quality (609) 633-7021

Green Infrastructure in New Jersey

More Information

Completed Green Infrastructure Projects by County

3:10 Invasive Species: Map’Em and Zap ‘Em!

Susan Brookman, Executive Director, New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team

The NJ Invasive Strike Team works to prevent the spread of emerging invasive species from taking over the natural environment of NJ. The objective is to identify, map and eradicate new invasive species before they can become established in large numbers.

garlic mustard

NJISST Contact Information
Post Office Box 5752
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(908) 722-1200, ext. 241
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3:50 - 4:00pm Closing Remarks and Departure

Tanya Oznowich, DEP and Bruce Barbour, RCE

B Barbour

Bruce Barbour, RES Program Director