Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

No Water No Life LLC.

Research Intern

NEEDED: Research Intern for No Water No Life, LLC. to study Raritan River Basin (RRB).

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: No Water No Life is an environmental nonprofit organization documenting and publicizing fresh water availability, usage and quality in six case study watersheds in North America and northeastern Africa.  (See

JOB DESCRIPTION:  The RRB Research Intern will work in collaboration with No Water No Life’s Director and staff to do the following work pertaining to the RRB:


Compile an annotated list of scientists, stewards and stakeholders, including their background, publications, views of critical watershed issues and examples of solutions and management policies.

Create a biodiversity survey and species list, noting those species that are endangered, endemic, invasive, and non-indigenous and that illustrate natural adaptations (or inability to adapt) to changes in water availability and quality.

Compile a history of the management (and/or lack of management) within the watershed.

Create a written report on watershed degradation: threats; environmental consequences, social/economic impacts and stewardship solutions (past, present, future).

Help coordinate a No Water No Life expedition from the Raritan’s headlands to terminus, creating an itinerary of sites and stakeholders to film, video and interview in situ.

Compile a resource/book list on EndNote software.


TIMELINE:  To begin as soon as possible.  Hours-per-week and duration to be determined.

REQUIRED:  Research and writing skills, an ability to communicate with stakeholders by email and phone and an interest in environmental and/or water resource-related issues.

BENEFITS:  This is a nonpaying internship that offers the following benefits:
•  Exposure to current topics in watershed policy, degradation, and management solutions;
•  Flexible hours; and
•  Letter of reference for future positions.

HOW TO APPLY:  Send a cover letter with CV or resume to