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NJ Climate and Climate Change

Overview of NJ Climate and Climate Change presentation to be given to Rutgers Environmental Steward Volunteer Training Program: Winter 2006

Presented by Dr. David A. Robinson, NJ State Climatologist, Rutgers University

An overview of New Jersey's past and present climate will be followed by a discussion of potential future changes. Topics will include the following:

1. What drives NJ’s weather and climate system

2. Historic events

3. NJ Climate Report Card: past and present variations

4. Influence of humans on NJ weather and climate, and accompanying impacts on

air quality, water supplies and other critical resources

5. What the future holds

6. Becoming an “observer steward”

Sources of information:

Lecture in Handout form (pdf)

New Jersey Weather Book: David Ludlum. Rutgers University Press. 1983.

Office of the NJ State Climatologist web site: http://climate.rutgers.edu/stateclim

(especially: http://climate.rutgers.edu/stateclim/?section=njcp&target=NJCoverview) and


New Jersey Weather and Climate Network web site: http://climate.rutgers.edu/njwxnet)

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