Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

Rutgers Environmental Stewards - In Brief

The Rutgers Environmental Stewards are an evolutionary descendent of the Rutgers Master Gardeners program. One of the most significant differences, aside from the subject matter focus is that, whereas Master Gardeners complete their training with on the job learning, working mainly for Rutgers Cooperative Research and Extension, Environmental Stewards complete their training by serving as interns for non-profit and governmental environmental organizations.

The typical Environmental Steward is a person who has an interest in environmental issues, but desires to learn more about the science behind them. Our 60+ hours of training does not replace a degree in science, but helps non-scientists appreciate better what they don't know and where to go to fill in the gaps when confronted with a real world problem.

Communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills are also taught to better enable Rutgers Environmental Stewards to be effective in the real world of community action and political discourse, where many environmental issues ultimately play out.

If you want to learn more we invite you to browse this site and make use of our contacts page to get in touch with us!