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Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

How to appear as a lecturer, or to host a field trip

We invite you to join us if you believe your government agency or NGO has information of interest to our trainees. Please contact the Program Coordinator.

You may wish to offer a classroom presentation. Our students are highly motivated, they're aware, and they're involved. They've enrolled because they're seeking information they can use in their communities. They're all required to complete volunteer internships, they'll be looking for compatible programs, and your presentation can bring you valuable assistance. We expect these contacts to provide long-term benefit both to the state's environmental organizations and to our students.

We regularly add qualified, experienced speakers to our curricula, but we also expect our alumni to return as speakers as this program matures and as our graduates strive to remain current with environmental science.

We welcome your suggestions for field trips and for other hands-on learning experiences.