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Town of Hammonton

Community Forestry Management Plan

Host Agency Info:
Name: Hammonton Township
Address: Town of Hammonton, 100 Central Avenue, Hammonton, NJ 08037
Phone:(609) 567-4300 Ext. 101
Supervisor Name:Jerry Barberio, Public Works Manager/Business Administrator
E-mail of supervisor:jbarberio@townofhammonton.org
Nature of Host Agency (circle):                         Government

Project Description:The Town of Hammonton is an active rural town in Southern New Jersey located in the northwest corner of Atlantic County. The town is approximately 44 square miles and includes a significant portion of the NJ Wharton State Forest managed by the NJ Division of Parks and Forestry. Hammonton is known for its blueberry production producing millions of pounds of blueberries annually. The Town also enjoys a very picturesque and thriving downtown as well as quiet sidewalk lined streets framed by substantial old trees. This project will result in practical information that local officials can evaluate to eliminate or reduce tree related concerns. The data gathered will facilitate the objectives set forth by the Town officials and Environmental Commissioners with the intent to develop plans to address safety concerns and preserve the neighborhood feel.

Nature of anticipated impact :     Environmental and Social

Evaluation Plan:
Training for volunteers will be provided in January 2013. Intern(s) will meet with Environmental Commissioners and Town Administrator to establish the areas of focus and provide information for various department of the town. The data gathered by the intern will be used as part of the approved Community Forestry Management Plan. The intern will compile the results of his/her observations based on various walking inspections throughout the core area of the town and other select areas.  

Learning Objectives in plan:
Intern will learn to recognize hazardous trees and learn tree species and culture. Additionally, the objectives will include learning about proper placement of trees and how trees fit into a rural/small town setting. Focus will be placed on what is needed to manage large established trees and providing a plan to plant new trees after mature tree loss.