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Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

D&R Greenway Land Trust

Name: D&R Greenway Land Trust

Address: 1327 Canal Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609-924-4646

Supervisor Name: James C. Amon

E-mail of supervisor: jamon@DRGreenway.org

Nature of Host Agency (circle): Non-profit

Project Description:

The D&R Greenway land trust owns 36 properties. Invasive, alien plant species are present on all of these properties; in some cases the infestations are severe in some they are not. The Greenway would like to have an. intern who, with the Director of Stewardship and the Naturalist, would map the location and species identification of these alien plants on several of the properties.

After mapping the invasives on these properties the intern would research techniques for eradicating these plants, recommend priorities, and prepare a written report on the best management practices for eradication.

The maps and eradication report would be reviewed, by the Greenway’s Naturalist, Bill Rawlyk, and the Director of Stewardship, Jim Amon. Then, under the supervision of the Greenway personnel, the intern, would select the highest priority sites and begin to apply the approved eradication techniques. The amount of eradication will depend upon the amount of time available for it but whatever is done will be a benefit to the landscape.

The removal in particular of Multiflora Rose will also have the important benefit of making the D&R Greenway’s lands more easily used for passive recreation by the public.

Nature of anticipated impact (circle all that apply): Social, Environmental

Evaluation Plan:

The intern will work under the close supervision of the D&R Greenway’s Director of Stewardship who will have the opportunity to guide and to evaluate the intern’s work habits and techniques. Further the maps and written report on eradication techniques will be evaluated for accuracy, effectiveness and creativity. Finally, the work in the field, eradication the invasive plants will be an important measure of the intern’s work.

Learning Objectives:

The intern will, learn how to identify and locate invasive alien species and place them on a map, how to research the growing cycles and how to eradicate the plants, and will have hands-on experience carrying out the techniques that he or she recommends. The intern will have professional, support and guidance but will be given, the opportunity to exercise his or her own judgment throughout this process.