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Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

Bunker Hill Environmental Education Center

Land Management

Host Agency:

Name:  The Bunker Hill Environmental Education Center
Address:  255 Bunker Hill Road
                Princeton, N.J. 08540
Phone:      908-281-5431
Supervisor Name:  Emily Amon
E-Mail of Supervisor: eamon@franklinboe.org
Nature of Host Agency:         Non-profit      

Project Description: There are a variety of different projects that could be done here.  We have 100 acres, mainly beech/oak/hickory deciduous forest, a small field, a marsh, the Simonson brook and a vernal pool.  For the past 3 years we have actively been removing exotic invasive species, but more needs to be done.  We also plant natives when we receive donations.  Along the stream there is some erosion that could be addressed.  We have approximately 4,000 students visiting this site annually, so it would be beneficial to show them what healthy ecosystems look like and how to care for them.
#1 Project – exotic species removal/replace with natives.
#2 Project – stream erosion.
#3 Project – vernal pool assessment and management

Nature of anticipated impact :         Social,  Environmental

Evaluation Plan:

Before/During/After photos to document project and show results will be accompanied by written evaluation.

Learning Objectives in plan (if any):

Learn best methods for exotic species removal and importance of documentation.