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Bloomingdale Environmental Commission

Host Agency Info:
Bloomingdale Environmental Commission
            101 Hamburg Turnpike,
            Bloomingdale, NJ  07403
Supervisor Name: Frank O’Reilly, Chairperson,
Bloomingdale Environmental Commission
Nature of Host Agency:    Government

Project Description:The development of an interactive website for the Bloomingdale Environmental Commission using a hosting site that uses WordPress.

Anticipated Outcomes or Accomplishments:
Keep citizens informed on environmental topics of interest

Keep the public informed on the activities of environmental related councils, commissions and agencies such as the Highlands Council, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Pine Barrens Commission and Liberty State Park Development Corp.

To provide a forum to discuss and exchange ideas on environmental topics.

To provide a vehicle to promote environmental awareness and stewardship to elementary, middle school and high school students by disseminating information and coordinating workshops and programs.

Who Benefits:
One of the design criteria is to provide links to social media, related environmental sites and environmental commissions who turn in will link to the Bloomingdale Environmental Commission. Therefore it is possible that over time many people will visit the website and link to us and/or provide links to other site.
The expectation is that in the beginning most visits will be from Passaic County towns and the Morris County towns of Butler, Kinnelon and Riverdale.

Nature of anticipated impact: Social, Economic, Environmental

The website will bring together people of varying social and economic background under the banner of environmental activism working together to achieve a better environment.

The long term result of promoting environmental stewardship is the savings associated with not having to build and maintain water treatment plants and pay for health care costs associated with air and ground pollution.

Focusing attention on environmental issues and providing the public with resources will result in cleaner air and water, less ground contamination and ultimately a better environment for all of us.

Evaluation Plan:  

There are a number of metric that will measure the success of the website:
The number of website hits (Host site will provide this information)
The number of sites who link to the BEC website
The attendance at workshops and sponsored events

Learning Objectives in plan:
The learning object is to bootstrap the knowledge of how to build and manage the website so that the Bloomingdale Environmental Commission members can then maintain the website themselves.