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Belmar Environmental Commission web site enhancement

Host Agency Info:
Name: Belmar Environmental Commission
Address: PO Box A, Belmar, NJ 07719
Phone: 732-280-8634
Supervisor Name: Carol Davies
E-mail of supervisor: cbdav@optonline.net
Nature of Host Agency:    Government

Project Description: Belmar has long been known as an environmental leader, not only because of our proactive programs but also because we promote public environmental education on a regular basis.  As part of this environmental education for the public, this project is to enhance communications and awareness, primarily by organizing and updating the current Belmar Environmental Commission (BEC) web site to include but not limited to information about the following:

  • Water conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Native landscaping
  • Green businesses
  • Green contractors
  • Recycling
  • Green renovations for homes
  • Calculating your carbon emission
  • Calculating your ecological footprint
  • How to take action on the above at home, in your yard, in your community, at work, and shopping
  • Create photo archive from extensive Belmar photos taken for the Environmental Resource Inventory
  • Research interactive function where residents can ask environmental questions
  • Make recommendations for any additional changes or enhancements

In addition, the project includes developing collateral outreach such as the following:

  • Brainstorm, develop, and manage communications outreach from the BEC website, for example:

Provide 12-24 short informational ‘did you know’ items for the monthly tourism e-newsletter Provide potential stories for the Eco-Watch (BEC bi-annual newsletter) to announce the website improvements Provide media outreach to announce the website improvements

  • Where appropriate develop plans for in-person outreach to school, library, etc to promote the website and its uses.
  • Develop maintenance/management plan for keeping the website current.

The outcome would be very user friendly, easy to read information in an attractive format on the BEC website.  Both the community and individual residents would benefit by putting into use the suggestions found on the web site.

The intern would work with the BEC throughout the project.

Nature of anticipated impact: Social,   Environmental

Evaluation Plan:  

The project will be evaluated on the depth and breadth of the information gathered and the format in which it is presented on the WEB, and the scope of the outreach plans and the management plan.  The goal is easy to read information that is not too technical and can be put into practice by the average resident and to communicate these changes to the community.