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Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

Toolkit to help others understand the impacts of multiple sources of pollution on community health

Host Agency Info:

Name: Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC)
Address: PO Box 157, Mendham, NJ 07945
PHYSICAL LOCATION:300 Mendham Road, Morris Township
Phone: 973-539-7547
Supervisor Name:Sandy Batty
E-mail of supervisor: sbatty@anjec.org
Nature of Host Agency :  Non-profit


Project Description:

Research for an ANJEC publication on cumulative impacts of pollution. ANJEC is creating a toolkit for environmental commissioners and other local officials on the environmental justice issue of overburdening low-income and minority communities with multiple sources of pollution. The intern will do on-line research of data sources for information on contaminated sites and pollution sources that local officials can use to determine if their towns have neighborhoods of concern.  Research will include finding on-line sources of mapping and permit information, and investigating the on-line resources/websites for ease of use and range of data to use as references in the toolkit.  The intern will compile the results of his/her research for ANJEC’s publication on cumulative environmental impacts.  The final publication will be posted on-line and distributed at ANJEC workshops.

This project will result in practical tools that local officials and concerned residents can use to accomplish land use planning that reflects environmental justice concerns.  The data gathered will facilitate the development of  local pollution source inventories, so that municipalities can develop plans and zoning to insure that neighborhoods do not have to bear more than their share of pollution.

Nature of anticipated impact (circle all that apply): Social, Environmental

Evaluation Plan:
The data gathered by the intern will be peer-reviewed by ANJEC staff.  Once the information is on the ANJEC website, we will monitor how often it is downloaded.  We will also be using it as background material at workshops, and will ask for feedback from workshop participants on the helpfulness of the information, and how they plan to use it.

 Learning Objectives in plan:
Though this research, the intern will learn about the multiple sources of data on the internet dealing with environmental permits and contaminated sites.  With guidance from ANJEC staff, the intern will also learn about the usefulness of the information to municipal land use planning.