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Environmental Institutes/Organizations...

  • Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve (JC NERR)
  • CUES - Rutgers Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability
  • NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. View Calendar of Current Classes.
  • NJHEPS The New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
  • CRSSA Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis - Rutgers
  • NCLI National Conservation Leadership Institute
  • NOFA - NJ Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey
  • OMRI Organic Materials Review Institute

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  • NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
  • U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Office of Groundwater. If you have questions about local water resources, you can always contact the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center online or by calling them directly at (609)771-3900.
  • EAWAG- Aquatic Research - headquarters in Switzerland. Eawag News publication (in English - subscribe for free). SODIS - Solar water disinfection - the SODIS method. Sign up for Newsletter. Sandec is the Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology - SANDEC.

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  • AIRNow Partner lists
  • NACAA National Association of Clean Air Agencies. Partner Lists

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  • NJISST (New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team)
  • Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve: bhwp (Home, News and Events, Plants)
  • Emerald Ash Borer University - developed by Michigan State University, Purdue University and the Ohio State University communications specialists who have been dealing with the invasive pest since it was discovered in North America in 2002. It is funded by the USDA Forest Service. Current and archived webinars. Other links.
  • NPDN (National Plant Diagnostic Network)
  • NEPDN (Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network)
  • Contact information for County Cooperative Extension offices.

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2011 International Year of Forests : Celebrate Forests, Celebrate Life

  • NVUM - National Visitor Use Monitoring (Version 2.0) - a USDA Forest Service recreation-monitoring program using NVUM data collected since 2005.

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  • Landscaping in a small residential neighborhood located in the Midwest.  The plants and climate may vary from New Jersey but this award-winning website contains good information and beautiful visuals on many landscape topics.

    ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects

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Recycling/Solid Waste...

  • Solid Waste Resource Renewal Group (SWRRG) at the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
  • NERC Northeast Recycling Council. Check webpage for workshops.

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...for Volunteer Participation...

  • Penn State Natural Resources Extension Webinars
  • Inhabitat - a weblog devoted to the future of design. Sign-up for weekly updates.
  • ELP Environmental Leadership Progam (Retreats, Webinars, Job Opportunities)
  • Site Map International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)
  • New Jersey Invasives Species Strike Team: NJISST
  • Agriculture Programs at Duke Farms. The Duke Farms Foundation has formed an alliance with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA-NJ) to bring programs on sustainable agriculture and organic gardening to farmers, landowners and home gardeners. Check the web page for more information and schedules.
  • Environmental Education News website from NJ DEP. Includes: Events and Contests / Employment, Internship & Volunteer Opportunities / Funding, Grants & Scholarships / Press Releases / Professional Development & Classroom Materials / Web Links
  • Month of June, 2011 - DEPNews: "Get Outdoors, New Jersey Month" programs offered at NJ state parks, forests and wildlife management areas provide exciting opportunities for all ages to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. The public will have opportunities to pan for gold, delve into the murky world of pond creatures, learn how to fish, experience what it took to be a lighthouse keeper, unravel the mysteries of the Pine Barrens, discover the stories locked in rocks, learn how to set up the perfect campsite, and much more. For more information and a calendar of events, visit
  • NVUM - National Visitor Use Monitoring (Version 2.0) - a USDA Forest Service recreation-monitoring program using NVUM data collected since 2005.
  • The NJ DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife's Peregrine Webcam is now streaming live video from the nestbox atop a building in Jersey City.  Managed by the division's Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP), the box has consistently produced young for this endangered species since 2000. The female has laid four eggs and incubation appears to have begun.  Viewers can learn more about the falcons and follow their progress through postings in Nestbox News. The project is supported by donations alone - public support through the purchase of Conserve Wildlife License Plates and the state Income Tax Check-Off for Wildlife enables the work of ENSP to continue.  To learn more, visit the division's website

....Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer Opportunity: NY/NJ Baykeeper and Rutgers University will be surveying the shoreline of Sandy Hook and the NJ side of Raritan Bay. The data collected will be used to make maps that can help guide potential shellfish restoration activities, among other things. A list of field dates and times for May, June, July, Aug and Sept. will be compiled and available. If interested, please contact Oyster Restoration Program Director Meredith Comi, 732-888-9870 ext 9 or
  • Volunteers Needed for the NY-NJ Trail Conference called the Invasives Strike Force (ISF). Volunteers will be trained to GPS invasive plants along all the hiking trails that the Trail Conference maintains in NJ. All the data will be used to plan strategic places to go remove invasives along the trails. First class is planned for June 12. There is a list of parks where volunteers can work. For more information, contact: Linda Rohleder at
  • Volunteers Needed - North Jersey RC&D is gearing up for a season of riparian buffer plantings in Raritan and Bethlehem Townships (Hunterdon County), Hackettstown (Warren County), Frankford Township (Sussex County), and Randolph Township (Morris County). If you are interested in volunteering, call Grace Messinger (908-735-0733 ext. 110) for more information and to sign up
  • Volunteers needed statewide NJISST is now accepting data for emerging invasive plants across the state and recruiting volunteers & partners statewide for the following indoor jobs during the winter: Updating plant fact sheets/ creating new fact sheets; Creating a list of names/contacts for all Somerset county & Essex county municipalities; Compiling a list of potential stakeholders in NJ (especially in the north & south) Contacting partners for updates to our property file (mostly adding lots/blocks) Spring training dates will be coming soon! In order for NJISST to become its own non-profit organization, an accountant and a lawyer is needed to provide in-kind service on the Board of Trustees. Contact: Melissa Almendinger, Executive Director, New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team, PO Box 5752, Hillsborough, NJ 08844, 908-627-6794,
  • Volunteers Needed - New Jersey needs volunteers to measure and log local precipitation data. You can volunteer through CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, a unique, national, non-profit group of volunteers who measure and map precipitation in its various forms - rain, hail and snow. Training provided. If you'd like to volunteer, contact Assistant State Climatologist Mat Gerbush at or 732-445-3076. You can also find everything you need to know at the CoCoRaHS website
  • CoCoRaHS Volunteers for the Pinelands - The nonprofit Pinelands Preservation Alliance recently partnered with the State Climatologist's Office to bolster monitoring efforts in the seven counties of the Pine Barrens. The additional data, it is hoped, will help the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and others better understand the relationships between rainfall and runoff within the Pine Barrens. Contact Assistant State Climatologist Mat Gerbush at or 732-445-3076. CoCoRaHS.
  • Volunteer Opportunities at Duke Farms - Open Call for Volunteers every Friday, weather permitting, 9am to 2pm, to help with habitat regeneration.  Please contact Rosalie Kelly at (908) 243-3602. Duke Farms offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that provide participants with an opportunity to learn stewardship practices while helping to protect and preserve native flora and fauna.
  • Volunteer Opportunity Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center in Chester Township. or 908-234-1225. New Jersey Conservation Foundation website.

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