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Summary of Projects

Complete descriptions of projects and their impacts can be viewed by certification year or by choosing the names of certified alumni. Choose projects by category: Water Quality... Alternative Energy... Recycling... Wildlife... Native Plants & Gardens...Local Government... Environmental Education...Parks, Preserves,Organizations...Land Preservation,Mgmt... Climate,Weather...RES Program and Alumni Support


wind turbines

Energy Audit, Wind Turbine - Initiated, planned and directed a collective effort to have Belmar, NJ conduct an energy audit with the NJ Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy program and to couple this with a successful application to have Belmar certified as a Sustainable Jersey town; significant outcome - the installation of a 4KW wind turbine that will power a town building plus supply power to the township's electric car fleet.

Solar - Identified potential Borough-owned sites for locating alternative energy generation facilities. Surveyed the sites for suitability and prepared a summary of costs, benefits, and economic viability for review by the Somerville Environmental Commission and the Borough Engineering Department. Worked with alternative energy firms to prepare installation proposals. Analysis: showed potential for rooftop installation of 158 kW of solar power which would save the town of Somerville approximately $32,000 per year

Methane - Evaluated use of methane to fuel local school bus fleet

Energy Efficiency - Improved energy efficiency on the Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) campus by providing guidance and input to help a previous energy audit report receive approval from the state government. Prioritized and planned the implementation of items identified in the report.

Solar - Worked for GreenFaith, an interfaith coalition for the environment, creating web-based tools to help people evaluate their ability to successfully implement solar power projects for their facility within budget. Objective is to facilitate the use of solar power in homes and local businesses.

Air Quality/ Pedal Power - Coordinated the commuting efforts of employees at Pfizer's Morris Plains Facility by organizing carpools, vanpools, encouraging mass transit use and arranging shuttles to the train station for TransOptions, a nonprofit organization committed to improving air quality through traffic mitigation practices. Planned, promoted and implemented Morris, Warren and Sussex County's first Bike to Work Day. This event attracted over one hundred registrants from 23 companies. The goal of the promotion was to encourage individuals to give up the car for at least one day and promote biking to work as a viable alternative for their commute.

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Climate - Assisted the national State Climatologist, Dave Robinson and the CoCoRaHs climate observation program by making a total of 185 single-day and 21 multi-day observations

Weather Data Flow - Assisted the State Climatologist with the maintenance of Safetynet and Mesonet weather reporting stations in New Jersey resulting in a continuous flow of weather data for collection and observation in NJ and world-wide. Will continue as technical assistant on an “as needed” basis.

CoCoRaHs - Worked with the Burlington County Master Gardeners and the Pinelands Preservation Alliance to recruit observers for the NJ Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS). Resulted in recruiting at least 8 new observers.

Climate Symposium - Assisted Rutgers faculty in staging a very successful symposium titled, “The Climate Ahead: Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources.” Attracted 200 participants.

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Burlington County Recycling Facility

Organic Recycling with four clients which resulted in 994,740 tons of commercial food waste being diverted from landfills to compost.

Organic Recycling of food from 12 clients (5 hospitals, 1 diner, 6 supermarkets) resulting in a diversion of 879, 840 pounds of commercial food waste from landfills to compost.

Recycling – innovative program in Clayton, Nj in collaboration with the Recycle Bank of Philadelphia. Residents received $400K in coupons redeemable at local stores based on recycling weight. Increased recycling by 60%; program paid for itself by reduction of volume sent to landfills; adopted in three other locations in Gloucester Co; whole or partial adoption in NY, Toronto, Baltimore, Cherry Hill and Chicago.

Organic Recycling - Pioneered an innovative partnership with an organic waste recycling company, Organic Diversion, LLC. Facilities visited on a regular basis included hospitals, supermarkets and hotels; piloted the creation of the position of “recycling coach”, which will be filled by future Rutgers Environmental Steward interns. Results: 175.78 tons of organic wastes were diverted from the waste stream due to this project; the tonnage represents about 35% of the waste generated by these facilities and would have cost approximately $12,000 to dispose of conventionally.

Organic Recycling - Served as recycling site coach in five corporate cafeterias in collaboration with Organic Diversions LLC. Efforts enabled Organic Diversions to divert 312 tons of food waste out of landfills and into recycling in 2009. Also collected data for the open space program of North Jersey RC&D.

Organic Recycling - Assisted Organic Diversion, LLC. to train cafeteria personnel to recycle food waste at four sites. Helped divert 100 tons or 200,000 pounds of food waste out of NJ landfills and into created compost.

Solid Waste - Partnered with Rutgers Cooperative Extension in her capacity as an employee of the Gloucester County Improvement Authority to improve a 15 acre section of the 500 acre solid waste complex in South Harrison Township, NJ.

Electronic Waste - For the NJDEP, did essential work for the updating of a “Compliance Assistance Packet” used to help increase the recycling of electronic waste.

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Passaic River

Passaic River

Brigantine Beaches - Initiated and evaluated the effectiveness of anti-litter efforts on 10 beaches in Brigantine, NJ. Developed videos to raise awareness of the impact of litter on the marine environment. Designed, funded and installed anti-littering signs on litter containers at the entrances to Brigantine Beaches. Results showed approximately 17% less litter discarded on the beaches with anti-littering messages.

Rain Gardens - As an RCE Water Resources Program Certified Rain Garden Specialist and Trainer, installed five free rain gardens in a residential area of Boonton, NJ. Raised awareness of private property homeowners to the importance of rain gardens at their homes as a solution to storm water runoff.

Adopt-A-Beach Program - Developed and implemented first Adopt-A-Beach Program in Atlantic County in which residents keep beaches clean. Currently, 26 beaches are covered with a goal of 15 beaches for next summer. Worked with local artist and sign producers to develop “Adopt a Beach” signage

Water Quality at Burnt Mill Pond - Worked on sources and solutions for lake eutrophication problem at Burnt Mill Pond.

Stream Assessment - Sought and received additional training in visual and biological stream assessment including the use of YSI 556 multiparameter meter to assess dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, conductivity and water temperature. Applied these skills at Crafts Creek Spring Hill Brook Watershed Association to record data so that changes in water quality could be mitigated, if needed. Continues to do monthly stream monitoring.

Stream Assessment - Planned and conducted a biological stream assessment of Dukes Brook on the Doris Duke Estate from 2008 to 2010. Collaborated with Duke Farms, the Upper Raritan Watershed Association and the South Branch Watershed Association which provided training and lent tools.  Condition of Dukes Brook was borderline Fair, which may be due to off-site pollution and earlier silt damage.

Well Testing – Input 5 years of well test data in a computer database for South Branch Aquifer Study being conducted by the South Branch Watershed Association. This will allow the residents of 28 communities to identify water quality hot spots and increase public awareness and knowledge of ground water quality. At least one community has stepped up promotion of well testing as a result of knowledge gained through this effort.

Water Quality Testing - Conducted monthly water quality testing for the Water Testing Lab at the Rutgers EcoComplex, which is required to maintain the lab’s state certification; trained Rutgers researchers in the use of the lab’s field testing equipment and presented lectures on the importance of water quality testing; the monetary value of work for the lab was valued at $500 per month, yielding a total value of $8,000 for the 16 months worked to date.

Water Quality Testing Team Member - Participated as Chemical Analysis Team member for the Stony Brook/Millstone Watershed Association, monitoring the water quality flowing through Cranbury Brook.

Materials for Clean Water - Worked with Hackensack Riverkeeper creating materials for a Clean Water campaign and led development of a report and public information campaign on problems resulting from Combined Sewer Outflows (CSO) in the Hackensack River. Created powerpoint presentation used by Riverkeeper for outreach to municipalities and the International Association of Riverkeepers.

Stream Protection - Worked for the Passaic River Coalition contacting approximately 60 towns in the watershed to survey protections in place for streams, to disseminate information about the merits of a Riparian Buffer Ordinance and to answer questions about adoption and enforcement. These efforts provided PRC with significant information regarding the status of stream corridor protection in the watershed.

Presentation for Water Usage - Helped the Pinelands Preservation Alliance prepare a presentation to inform municipalities about the impacts of water withdrawals, low impact site design, water quality, riparian buffers and the role of government in the water allocation process.

River Friendly - Helped Duke Farms achieve “River Friendly” farm and business certification in 2010.

River Friendly - Helped RVCC obtain River-Friendly Certification, one of the action items from the college’s environmental stewardship agreement with the EPA.

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Taught the value of clean water to 120 students from 4 local schools. Showed how people pollute water and how to judge the health of a stream by identifying the macroinvertebrates that can be found in it.

Developed a new workshop, “Municipal Energy Audits and Emission Inventories,” for ANJEC; maintained the Sustainable Communities section of the ANJEC website:

Served as Environmental Educator at Palmyra Cove Nature Park; conducted workshops and tours including: Owl Prowl Night hikes, orienteering,wetlands and woodlands ecology, water testing, native species planting for schools, scouts, and senior clubs.

Outdoor Classroom - Created a storm water wetland pond that also became an outdoor classroom at the Williamstown Middle School in Williamstown, NJ.The completion of the Folker Science Courtyard allows 1800 children the opportunity to enjoy the true hands-on experience of the Sciences of Life, and to apply that ability at home.

Environmental Leadership for Girl Scouts - Encouraged environmental leadership activities by Girl Scouts; 3 Girl Scouts have achieved Gold Awards and a younger troop is planning to implement a project that recycles sneakers into artificial playground turf.

Provided leadership and guidance to Hunterdon Central Regional High School Students for Environmental Alliance(SEA) Club to reclaim a pond on campus and to qualify the campus as River Friendly under the South Branch Watershed Association (SBWA) and Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Associations’ River Friendly Business Program.

Beaver Brook Watershed Restoration Project - Brought together a middle school, Rutgers Water Resources Program, and Merck & Co. to conduct the Beaver Brook Watershed Restoration Project. Using a $7,500 grant provided by Merck, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders studied water resource management with help from Rutgers Cooperative Extension, and put their knowledge to work constructing a bio-retention basin which will protect the Beaver Brook, a category 1 trout stream

Soil Science Training for Youth - Organized an in-depth training experience for small groups of children and adults to instill a knowledge and appreciation of soil science in collaboration with a local farm and the Mercer County Master Gardeners. This small but intensive field test of soil curricula for youth may serve as a model for expanded efforts in the future.

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spring flowersMertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells), Stylphorum diphyllum (Wood Poppies or Greater Celandine Poppies) and Caltha palustris (Marsh Marigolds) bloom at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve. - Founded and directs the Non-Profit organization and website which provides the opportunity for food pantries to register in all 50 states so that home gardeners and other growers of food can locate a pantry in their neighborhood. This is a free service for all parties. Currently, over 4500 food pantries are registered on the site.

Catalog of Native Plants - Created and maintained an annotated catalog of native plants for the habitat plant sale at the Scherman Hoffman Sanctuary of NJ Audubon in Bernardsville. Participated in plant selection and prior planning for the sale and worked on sale day.

Native Plant Display Gardens - Created three native display gardens on the main streets of Mantoloking, NJ to encourage home garden use of drought tolerant, native plants that help erosion control of sand dunes and reduce run-off; funded by “Clean Communities” grant.

Native Plant Demonstration Garden - Created an educational native plant demonstration garden at the headquarters of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. Open to the public and shows plants both in conventional settings and in low water use xeriscaped gardens; plants native to the pinelands do not require fertilizer, lime or much irrigation. Helped with Plant Sale.

Database of Native and Invasive Plants - Helped map invasive plants using GPS coordinates then developed a database of native and invasive plants found at the Lockatong Preserve, a 70 acre property in Delaware Township which was formerly farmland and is now owned by the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance. This information will be the basis for future volunteer efforts to manage the weeds.

Photo Files of Native Plants and Plant Sale - Coordinated and aided in the development of the Rancocas Nature Center/NJ Audubon Society Native Plant Sale. Tasks included: researching plants native to the area; educating the public about the use native plants; preparing  native butterfly and host plants data base specific to NJ Pinelands which includes host plants of both open and woodland spaces and is over 50MB in size. The photo files will be used to prepare a nature sign to educate the public about the delicate eco-balance between butterflies and the native plants required to complete their complex life cycle; a purchase form was prepared; assisted at the sale.

Native Plant Garden - Provided maintenance for a native plant garden at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. Assisted with the PPA Plant Sale and helped fill out the profiles of all plants believed to grow in the Pinelands. Also served as a greeter and docent in the PPA native gardens.

Rain Garden - Installed a 288 square foot rain garden at the Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Palmyra, NJ using 250 native plants.

Garden Map and Brochure - Helped the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens develop a map and brochure of invasive species in the garden to educate visitors and will be a docent in the garden

Native Plant Nursery - Volunteered at the native plant nursery of the D&R Greenway Land Trust. Helped to construct cold frames, test seeds, propagate plants, track inventories. Work contributed to fundraising through the D&RGLT Plant Sale.  Also did restoration on land trust properties.

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Coventa incinerator control room in Newark

Used video and photography skills to provide material for the town website. Working on slides and a video for deer management skills leading to a plan for deer management in Bernardsville and other locations. Filmed and edited RES class lecture video for use by students online.

Green Team Chair - As Chair of Warren Green Team, is working with the Environmental Commission to achieve Bronze certification through the Sustainable Jersey Program.

Pond Restoration – led 2-year restoration project as Chair of the Wenonah Environmental Commission which included obtaining permits, surveys, fundraising and placing of 30 tons of rip rap by hand as well as planting of shrubs by volunteers.

Established Environmental Advisory Committee in Westhampton Township and was elected Chairperson. The committee will advise on: the impact of proposed development, open space preservation, recycling and sound solid waste management and the protection of water resources

Environmental Commission - Instrumental in helping the town of Franklin Lakes appoint its first Environmental Commission in 20 years

Environmental Events - Helped organize 12 events in Hillsborough and Montgomery, including Earth Day Celebrations, 4th of July festivals, a campaign to promote home energy audits, a Sustainable Hillsborough Fair, a campaign that signed up 200 people to convert to using energy efficient lighting, and an anti-idling campaign and workshop done in collaboration with the local PTA. Hillsborough and Montgomery were the first towns in Somerset County to submit for Sustainable Jersey certification and were acknowledged at the League of Municipalities in November ‘09.

Verona Environmental Commission - Joined the Verona EC and drafted documents to support its outreach to both the community and ANJEC; contributed to the overhaul of its Website; sought township approval and implementation of idle-free zones at six schools; developed a social networking site called ANJEC Forum; currently helping the Verona Board of Education to submit an application for the NJ DEP's Local Government Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grants program and drafting a proposal for the school board to fund and build a greenhouse at a local middle school.

East Greenwich Township Environmental Commission - Elected Chair and assumed responsibility for developing a portion of a new township park. Planned inclusion of wildlife habitat using native species. Other activities included writing for bimonthly newsletter, participating in 7 site plan reviews, proposing new environmental review guidelines and organizing an Arbor Day tree planting.   
As member of Washington Township Environmental Commission and Open Space Committee, organized storm water management seminar for Burlington towns, setup biennial stream sampling, applied the township tree ordinance and well-head protection ordinance, organized Earth Day, Community Clean Up Day, a Sneaker recycling drive, a workshop on implementation of county storm water management plan, and encouraged builders to employ best management practices. Advised the local school board on the installation of solar panels.

Co-Chaired Cleanup Day in town with 400 volunteers. Cleaned 23 sites and provided a picnic in the park. Worked with fellow RES volunteer to facilitate projects in other areas.

As Chair, led the re-organization of the Ridgefield Environmental Commission. New activities included: Ridgefield Cleanup Day; 3rd grade poster contest; re-opening of the 5.4 acre Ridgefield Environmental Cente;enhancement of the 16.3 acre Skeetkill Marsh, including removal of invasive plants, planting of native species and installation of nesting boxes for tree swallows. Increased outreach activities by the EC stimulated citizen use of these facilities.

Bio-Retention Basins - Evaluated drainage basins in Hillsborough for conversion to bio-retention basins in consultation with the Director of Public Works. Six properties were selected for changes in management regime and another one to be completely rebuilt as a naturalized, environmentally effective basin. Estimated savings in maintenance costs to the town = over $6,000 per year as a result of the conversion to native plant vegetated, bio-retention basins. The Hillsborough Environmental Commission now recommends that all future projects in the township be designed at the proposal stage with naturally vegetated detention basins.

Septic Capacity - Project Coordinator and liaison for a study of septic capacity in Allentown, NJ sponsored byan ANJEC grant. Results showed a dramatic difference between the number of zoned units and the number that could be supported by environmental conditions according the NJDEP regulations. The study provided a sound scientific basis on which to adjust and defend zoning, and plan for future growth. The results were incorporated in the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) portion of UFT’s Master Plan, which was adopted in December 2007.

Newark Water and Sewer Policies - Collaborated with Greater Newark Conservancy to help a local group, Newark Water Group (NWG), make a major policy decision on whether the city of Newark should replace its Department of Water and Sewer Utilities with a revenue generating municipal utility authority (MUA). Helped the NWG frame a strategy to advocate their opposition to the MUA which resulted in MUA being voted down.

Edison Wetlands Association - Gathered and organized information for the Edison Wetlands Association that will expedite and strengthen the clean-up of a hazardous site located in the heart of the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area. The clean-up will benefit public health and safety and promote recreational use of the area.

Mt Holly Environmental Advisory Committee - Reactivated the Mt Holly Environmental Advisory Committee and was chosen Chair. Started process for NJ Sustainable Certification. Ran Earth Day/Arbor Day celebration with workshops, lectures and other activities.

Public Outreach - Invigorated town’s appreciation of the value and importance of outdoor recreation and nature appreciation by creating an event for youth that integrated a bluebird festival and a kayak race called the New Egypt Fall Fest.

Fundraising - Helped the NJ Audubon Society raise over $600,000 for the NJ Keep It Green campaign. Worked on all aspects of NJ Keep It Green coalition campaign which included writing a wide range of outreach fact sheets, as well as research and fundraising materials. The campaign resulted in a successful vote for $400 million in funding to continue NJ preservation programs, such as the Green Acres Program, the Farmland Preservation Program and the NJ Historic Trust.

Farmers Market - Assisted the Hunterdon Land Alliance in running the Thursday Farmers Market in Flemington during the Summer of 2010. Efforts expanded marketing opportunities for local farms as well as  provided greater opportunities for local residents to buy fresh, locally produced food.

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Bowma's Hill Preserve

Trail at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

Invasive Plants, Trail Maintenance - Removed invasive plants and restored native habitat with the Non-Profit, Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, in three preserves in Mercer County. Engaged in trail maintenance in 6 preserves. Researched fact sheets on invasive species for use by the general public and presented lessons on invasive species to a group of 7th graders.

Woody Invasives - Ran a program to eradicate invasives at the Great Swamp National Refuge. Focused on cut-stem treatment of woody invasives, estimating the treatment of 7000 plants.

Park Trail Plan - Created a professional and well detailed plan for the Union County Department of Parks and Community Renewal for a trail, with access, along the Passaic River. The plan will help Union County to make the planning decisions necessary for the creation of a formal trail system.

Invasive Plant Removal project at NJ Audubon Society’s Rancocas Nature Center.

Park Trails - Developed and implemented a systematic evaluation of trail conditions in consultation with the Hunterdon County Park System in eight parks. The completed and field tested “Trail Conditions Report” will be a useful tool for the Department in the future and the field testing helped identify improvements that will enhance the use, safety and enjoyment of the park system.

Organized an Archive of historical documents belonging to the NJ Conservation Foundation  to help them promote knowledge and awareness of the accomplishments of their organization on the occasion of their 50th anniversary in 2010.

MWA River Resource Center - Played a critical role in the planning, construction and LEED Platinum certification of the Musconnetcong Watershed Association’s River Resource Center. To help outreach the building’s story, created a brochure, “River Resource Center Green Features.”

Coordinated a stewardship day for a team of corporate volunteers to enhance two parks in Madison and Florham Park in Morris County. Approximately 100 volunteers used materials purchased with a $15,000 donation from the Wyeth Company. Volunteers were recruited and instructed with a power point presentation; the prepared presentation was used to teach the International Association of Professional Administrators about how to arrange volunteer projects for their corporate associates.

Liberty State Park - Worked to preserve, promote and protect Liberty State Park. Fundraised $30K and worked with several hundred volunteers; developed relationships with environmental groups such as the NJ Audubon, the Hackensack Riverkeeper and the Save Ellis Island Foundation.

For the Morris Lands Conservancy, participated in two restoration projects: removal of bamboo and other invasives and planting of bulbs in the Great Swamp and at the Reeves Arboretum.  For the Passaic River Coalition, managed the multi-step real estate process to buy land in urban, suburban, and rural areas for the preservation of the Passaic River watershed; recruited and managed 13 interns and volunteers, including fellow Rutgers Environmental Stewards; developed the first land trust budget to help prioritize the PRC's land purchases, and led the team that prepared the first published profile of all PRC-owned lands.

Proposed, planned, and championed a 19 acre park that incorporates a native meadow and butterfly garden, in Hainesport, on unused land adjacent to the township complex and an elementary school. The project will be funded by an NRCS grant and $4100 from the municipality. The park will include walking and biking trails and will connect with two portions of the Rancocas Greenway. The adjacent school is planning nature education programs for its students.

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NJ Audubon IBA Program - Updated 5000 records and species counts for the NJ Audubon Important Bird Areas (IBA) program.  Bird survey data from this program is stored in a database which is used by Audubon in statewide NJ, nationwide and international stewardship projects.

Terrapin Turtles – assisted faculty and staff from the Wetlands Institute and Stockton State College in the Terrapin Turtle Recovery and Conservation Project; participated in data collection, habitat and turtle management to increase the population of the species which has suffered from reduced nesting habitat

Geese - Led a 25 member volunteer team using the Geese Peace protocol to addle Goose eggs at 4 locations in Morristown, NJ. In all, 250 geese were prevented from hatching in the area served. Astute observation led to the realization that in nests that had been robbed of eggs by predators, the parents could be fooled from laying another clutch of eggs by inserting golf balls in the nest as egg substitutes. This improved the efficiency of control efforts.

Birds - Assisted the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Reserve in improving the collection, management and dissemination of migratory bird observations logged there by amateur and professional wildlife observers.

Piping Plovers - Helped the Nature Conservancy protect and monitor beach-nesting shorebirds (Piping Plovers) as they nest and feed at the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge. The site has produced 9 successful fledglings to date for this season

Birds - Assisted in conducting the Fall Migratory Bird Survey at Duke Farms in conjunction with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society; assisted the South Plainfield Environmental Commission by leading the work necessary to clear overgrown trails in Veterans Park in South Plainfield, which is about six acres of land lying between the Bound Brook and the Cedar Brook.

Birds - Served as the volunteer statistician for the New Jersey Avian Migration Project, creating 3 databases to capture the hourly data generated within the season and also to accommodate the dissemination of these records to the Hawk Migration Association of North America, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and Cornell University as well as the RPI (Raptor Population Index) being coordinated by Hawk Mountain.

Bluebirds - Created bluebird nesting habitat on 225 acres in Stephens State Park and expanded to include 6 other locations within the Musconnetcong watershed. A “bluebird trail” has been created for park visitors and youth groups are restoring nesting boxes, posts and practicing wise management of the surrounding habitat. Science curriculum materials are being developed for grades 1-6.A group of river watchers has been organized to assist in protecting the river and surrounding habitats. This is a two year project

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Pleasant Run Planting

Land Trust Properties - Gathered and organized biological field data on 23 Passaic River Coalition Land Trust properties, laying groundwork for stewardship plans.

Riparian Reforestation – Organized riparian reforestation of the Pleasant Run stream corridor to stabilize stream banks, provide shade and slow down water runoff. Over 50 township volunteers participated. Used NRCS grant to purchase native plants, shrubs and deer protection materials; managed 6 NRCS grants as member of Readington Township Open Space Advisory Board.

Site Restoration - Assisted NJRC&D with the restoration of the Homestead Complex in Sussex County as a wildlife habitat. Designed a riparian buffer for two existing ponds, created a plant list and planting guide and examined site drainage for improvement in water runoff at the site.

Management Plan - Finished a management plan for the Hunter Farm Preserve, an 85 acre property owned by the Orange County Land Trust (OCLT) in the town of Waywayanda, N.Y; used the knowledge gained at the Hunter Farm to initiate preservation of another 25 acre property in Tuxedo Park, NY known as the Racetrack.

Land Stewardship - Helped the Schiff Land Stewardship Internship to: obtain an on-the-ground understanding of natural land management and land stewardship; implement a non-native invasive plant control program; create a plan for a white tailed deer exclosure demonstration area.

Restored a ½ acre section of the 16 acre Cora Hartshorn Arboretum in Short Hills by removing invasive species and replanting a fern garden.Created educational material about the ferns and the problems caused by unwise use of invasive species in the landscape.

Nature Center Restoration and Improvements - Designed and constructed several wooden foot bridges and 2 wooden docks at water testing sites in the Rancocas Nature Center. Cleared and improved 1.7 miles of trail; designed and placed educational signage on the trails; began restoration of a 10 acre meadow ; completed the preliminary design and construction of a school bus parking area; planted 25 oak trees with deer guards; supervised a group of 15-20 young adults from the NJ Youth Corp who helped with the projects.

Restored Nature Center - Restored the Fanwood Nature Center (FNC), an 8 acre open space site, on behalf of the Fanwood Environmental Commission.  Mobilized community residents, government agencies, businesses and school communities to actively eradicate non-native invasives and replace with native plants.

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RES owl

RES Website- Helped to create and manage the Rutgers Environmental Steward web site which serves to promote the program to new students, convey educational materials to those attending lectures, link Stewards with suitable intern projects, publicize achievements of Stewards, and contributes to the overall efficient operation of the program. The site has had 7,000 unique visitors 2005 - 2007.

RESAA - The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Association was inaugurated in 2007 as a volunteer project and was developed by an interested group of alumni into an organization with an Executive Board, Mission Statement and Bylaws.

RESAA Website- The Alumni Association section of the RES website was launched as a focal point for alumni information and communication.


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