Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Association



To create and nurture a process which brings together certified graduates and other associates of The Rutgers Environmental Steward Program to promote continued sharing of ideas, growth of personal skills and supportamong a network of volunteers dedicated to quality of life and the care of the natural resources of New Jersey.


We strive to be a community-based leadership network which is prepared to educate and empower the state’s citizens and to address and resolve environmental concerns and challenges.

This collective competency will contribute significantlyto assuring New Jersey's natural resources and healthful quality of life in every community.


  • We respect and embrace the individual skills and interests that Rutgers Environmental Stewards and associate members bring to the leadership of her/his community and our network.
  • We recognize that the environmental needs and concerns in each New Jersey    community requires unique and specific focus and efforts.
  • We believe that as a network of concerned and committed individuals the Rutgers Environmental Stewards can enhance and strengthen each community's efforts to care for its natural resources and meet the quality of life goals of its citizens.