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RESAA Forum/ General Meeting at NJDEP 2011

2011 Forum Summary and Meeting Minutes

Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Forum 2011
Monday, June 20, 2011
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Trenton, New Jersey
Public Hearing Room, First Floor

Forum Summary - Speakers and Related Topics

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General Membership Minutes

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The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Alumni Association held the Second Annual Alumni Forum and General Membership Meeting at the NJ DEP on June 20, 2011.

Tanya Oznowich, Supervisor, Environmental Education, Office of Communications, welcomed the group and gave an overview of the excellent program of speakers and panelists on topics of interest that the group had submitted beforehand. Bruce Barbour, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Agent and RES Program Director explained the day's logistics and stated that Bill Curzie would conduct the general membership meeting after the working lunch.


Panel: New Jersey's Clean Energy Future

Helen Rancan, Acting Bureau Chief, New Jersey Geological Survey 609-984-5633

US Department of Energy: EERE Geothermal Home PageEERE: Geothermal Technologies Program; Program Areas; Information Resources

How an Enhanced Geothermal System Works

Colleen Kokas, Business Assistance Team Manager, Economic Growth and Green Energy     609-633-1499

Economic Growth and Green Energy

Brownfields Reuse

Speaker: 50th Anniversary Of Green Acres Program and Accomplishments

Martha Sapp, Green Acres Program 609-984–0570

Green Acres Program

Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Green Acres Program: Photo Contest ends Oct 16, 2011

Speaker: Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Program

Len Romino, Assistant Director, Responsible Party Remediation, DEP  609- 633-1408

Office of Community Relations, Site Remediation Program, (609) 984-3081

Site Remediation Basics, About the Site Remediation Program; Responsible Party Cases

The Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA)

Licensed Site Remediation Professional Program (LSRP)


Announcements: DEP Resources and Services

A. NJ Environmental Excellence Awards

Dean Anderson, Office of Communications 609-777-1949

Awards application form

Application Form Deadline: September 13, 2011.

B.Local Government Assistance

Cindy Randazzo, 609-633-7700 Helps to make DEP more efficient and responsive to local governments and the public

C. Public Education Resources

Marc Rogoff, Office of Communications 609-292-1474

SeedsHome Page; About Seeds, the state environmental education directory website; Data and Information; Classroom materials; Four Projects - ; Alliance for NJ Environmental Education (ANJEE); North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

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General Membership Minutes

2011 Forum

Members of the RESAA Executive Board: Dionne Polk (Treasurer), Irene Sabin (Secretary), Bill Curzie (President), Bruce Barbour (RES Program Director), Marlene Robinson (Co-Vice- President), Bob Tallon (current Board member). Photo courtesy of Bill Curzie


Panel: New Jersey'sClean Water Future

Barnegat Bay Ten Point Plan

Kerry Pflugh, Constituent Relations Manager, Office of Communications, 609-984-3962

Barnegat Bay Includes Ten Point Plan

Marcellus Shale and Fracking in the Delaware River Basin

Dr Karl Muessig, State Geologist, New Jersey Geological Survey 609-292-1185

The Marcellus Shale (GeoExpro); Marcellus Shale (

EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Research Study, EPA Basic information on Hydraulic Fracturing

New Jersey Fertilizer Law 

Kerry Pflugh, Constituent Relations Manager, Office of Communications, 609-984-3962

New Jersey Fertilizer Law (DEP Release); Rutgers Snyder Farm Quick Facts; FAQs

Speaker: New Jersey's Forestry Stewardship Plans

Lynn Fleming, Assistant Director/ State Forester, New Jersey State Forest Service


New Jersey Forestry Stewardship Information; Stewardship Plan Application

Minimum Guidelines for NJ Stewardship Plans; NJ Forestry Regional Offices

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Commissioner Bob Martin, DEP

Office of the Commissioner

Barnegat Bay Update

Hydraulic Fracturing in the Delaware River Basin


FORUM highlights, feedback and final remarks

Tanya Oznowich:

Bruce Barbour: Barbour@Aesop.Rutgers.Edu



June 20, 2011 AGENDA

Invitation to all Rutgers Environmental Stewards from Bruce Barbour




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