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Alumni in Action

Update for Joan Johnson (EcoComplex"07)

Joan would like to invite everyone to help celebrate the Lumberton Shade Tree Committee's Arbor Day Festival on Saturday, April 22 at the Municipal Complex, 35 Municipal Drive, Lumberton. For more information, please contact Joan Johnson at


Update for Toni Robbi (Duke'08)

Toni is co-leading a walk in Omick Woods, Rocktown Preserve in East Amwell Township on Sunday, April 9. This land was preserved by D&R Greenway in 2007 and 2012. Toni completed his RES internship in Omick Woods.

Please contact the following if you would like to participate: or 609-924-4646.


Update from Ed English (Duke'10)

Ed EnglishEd English writes that a video crew from Belgium came to his home in New Jersey to talk with him about Dr. Stanley Milgram, known best for his "Obedience Experiment" at Yale University in the 1960's. The experiment focused on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. Ed was the cameraman and editor of the original documentary.  The interview was part of a series that was planned for release in August. 

Dec, 2016 Update from Ed English (Duke'10)

The Bernardsville Green Team had the honor of being selected by Sustainable Jersey to offer highlights, presented by Ed English, on how they won Back-To-Back Small Grant Awards for 2015 and 2016 to the New Jersey League of Municipalities in Atlantic City, last November. Sustainable Jersey asked for a copy of the presentation, but since it had over 210 slides, Ed re-created his presentation as a video to make sure future presentations would be synchronized with the narration and only 13 minutes in duration. Music was added also.

.To view the presentation, click on the title:

"Accomplishing Big Things With A Small Grant "

Sustainable Jersey was proud to announce that the Bernardsville Green Team met the rigorous requirements to achieve Sustainable Jersey bronze certification for 2016. Bernardsville is one of 74 towns that have attained certification and were awarded at the Sustainable Jersey Awards luncheon, November 15 in Atlantic City with Mayor Kevin Sooy accepting the award. 

To become Sustainable Jersey certified, Bernardsville submitted documentation to show it had completed a balance of the required sustainability actions, and was certified for 175 points (exceeding the minimum of 150 action points.)

The Green Team continued a number of programs they performed in the past and was pleased, after five years, to be recognized for their Deer Management Program. The Green Team partnered on programs with the Environmental Commission, Open Space Committee, and Shade Tree Committee to name a few. Additional volunteers would be most welcome for the expansion of the Community Garden, the rain garden and the walking trails being planned. Information will be posted to the Bernardsville Borough web site.  Thanks.

Best regards, 


Dec, 2016 Update from Laura Mandell (Duke'11)

Current environmental volunteer activities include a Pollinator garden in Warren Township with the help of students from Dr JeanMarie Hartman, Landscape Class. Students designed plans for a pollinator garden of which one will be selected. The garden will be approximately a quarter acre in size.

In 2017, Laura will be co-chairing the Warren Green Team and working towards the Sustainable Jersey silver certification. This will be the third Sustainable Jersey certification that she has worked on for Warren Township. She is also chairing the Environmental Commission in Warren Township, where they do site plan review and make recommendations to the Planning Board.

Laura has taken a variety of leadership roles in her community of Warren Township. She was a two-term board member of the Watchung Hills Regional High School Board of Education. Laura is founder and current chair of the Warren Township Green Team, which won silver certification and the Innovation and Creativity award from Sustainable Jersey. Laura currently chairs the Warren Township Environmental Commission, where she led the effort to produce Low Impact Checklists for Planning and Construction, which won a 2013 ANJEC environmental achievement award. Laura was named the March 2015 Sustainable Jersey Hero of the month. Laura received the GPRO Certificate in Fundamentals of Green Building by the U.S. Green Building Council in March of 2016.



Dec, 2016 Update from Toni Robbi (Duke'08)

Toni continues to serve on the East Amwell Environmental Commission. He writes that he and the group are currently working with Green Acres on a new trail on a 200+ acre conservation easement connecting Route 518 and Snydertown Rd, just east of Rte 31. The trail will follow the east branch of Stony Brook for about a mile. The target completion date is May, 2017.  The area is quite scenic, with lots of rock (igneous) and little waterfalls.  The crew is the same one who built Omick Trail, NJtrails, loosely connected to D&R Greenway. See for more details about the Omick Woods nature trail which was completed in 2014. This is a press release for the opening of the Omick Woods trail.

In 2015, an existing trail was extended along the Alexauken Creek, in the Alexauken Creek WMA, West Amwell Township.

Since completing the course in 2008, Toni has constantly promoted the RES Program by distributing RES brochures at the Hunterdon County Fair, GreenFest at East Amwell School in Ringoes and other events.



Dec, 2016 Update from Ellen Gerber (Belvidere'12)

Ellen was recently a member of the Bloomingdale Environmental Commission and is now working with the Passaic River Coalition to set up a Pequannock RiverWatch that will oversee the health and well being of the Pequannock River Watershed. 



Dec, 2016 Update from Mary O'Malley (Belvidere'12)

Mary writes:

My volunteering this year has been as a River Watcher with the Water Quality Monitoring Program with Musconetcong Watershed Association. I completed their training program and have done river monitoring three times this year. I will remain a River Watcher with this program for the foreseeable future. 

River Watcher Program:

Musconetcong Watershed Association:



Dec, 2016 Update from Bron Sutherland (Passaic'14)

Bron says that she continues to be involved in environmental volunteer activities. She has been the leader of the Bergen Passaic chapter of the Native Plant Society of NJ for three years: 2014-16.  Next year, she plans to continue working with the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission.



Dec, 2016 Update from Jenny Isaacs (Belvidere'12)

Jenny writes:

After the RES program, I was accepted to the Geography Department at Rutgers as part of their PhD Program. I am now a PhD Candidate, (All but dissertation). I have two children (6 months and 3 years) that are keeping the dissertation writing process fun! I have co-taught the Undergrad Conservation course twice and, this summer, I will be teaching Intro to Environmental Studies. My dissertation is tentatively titled, "Tracing the Shorebird Reserve Network".



Dec, 2016 Update from Joseph Basralian (Essex'09)

Joe writes that his current environmental volunteer activities include:

Board Member of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters
Chair of the Chatham Township Open Space Advisory Committee
Board Member of Chatham Citizens Against Pilgrim Pipeline
Member of the Conservation Council of The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey



Dec, 2016 Update from Karin Rindal (Essex'10)

Karin writes that she continues be involved as an America in Bloom judge. This year she visited Saratoga, CA, Midland MI, St. Charles, IL and Henderson County, NC.

America in Bloom Organization

America in Bloom Judges Profiles

AIB National Awards Program Registration for 2017

Update from Karin Rindal (Essex'10)

May, 2016

Karin has been selected, again, to judge entries for the America in Bloom Awards. This year, she will be judging in California, Illinois, Michigan and North Carolina.



Dec, 2016 Update from Michael Bradway (ACUA'10)

Mike Bradway

Mike Bradway, Lead Instructor at the Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Riding School is a former East Coast Enduro Champion and MX professional. Mike adds an “Eco-Tour” element to the rides in the forest, pointing out and photographing wildlife and interesting historical spots on the routes. In this photo, Mike shows the damage that can be done by careless vehicles.

Mike sent the following update on his activities:

I continue to do some cub scout wildlife education teaching, NJ DEP freshwater mussel surveys, Rapid Bio Assessments of streams, and now teach a short ecology course to students in my off pavement motorcycle riding school in the pine barrens. I teach motorcycle riding skills on dirt, gravel and sand, wilderness survival skills, and the proper places to ride and all about the unique ecosystems of our amazing pinelands biosphere reserve. I continue to support two motorcycle clubs and a larger regional motorcycle organization when it comes to compliance with NJ DEP and its multiple departments, Pinelands Commission, NJ State Forest, and various city agencies’ regulations for putting on regulated events, both in NJ and PA.

Mike Bradway

I also continue with wildlife photography and reporting of threatened and endangered species, sometimes in previously unreported areas.  I’m still a certified NRA firearms instructor for basic pistol and rifle, but motorcycle riding and raising kids takes up a lot of my time. I continue to be a member of the NJ DEP Wildlife Conservation Corps.

2011 RES Certification Project

Michael Bradway
Vice President
Bradway Trucking, Inc.

Michael Bradway, Instructor & Corporate Partner



Dec, 2016 Update from Robert Jacobson (ACUA'15)

Bob completed the ACUA'14 class and was certified in 2015. He reports on his continuing volunteer work, as follows:

We created a native garden in Beach Haven and this past year expanded it to include additional raised beds and picnic tables.

The town (who owns the land) is applying for a grant from Barnegat Bay Partnership for a water refilling station, which counts how many water bottles are saved, and for additional signage for the native garden.

Robert Jacobson Facebook



Dec, 2016 Update from Bill Curzie (EcoComplex'07)

On October 28, 2016, Bill attended training at the AC Shade Tree Commission/ Sustainable Jersey Session for continuing education units (CEUs).

Last September, Bill worked on a service project at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. He plans to work there again next September. - C hoose "Enclosure cam" to see the wolves in action in their dens or "About" the wolves for a photo.

Bill is RESAA President and can be reached at:




Dec, 2016 Update from Joan Johnson (EcoComplex'07)

Joan Johnson

Joan writes that she is a founding member of the Lumberton Shade Tree Committee (2004) and describes the current actions of the Committee:

Our program for this year is to plant 100 trees. This will be an ongoing program, hopefully for many years. Various deciduous trees are being decimated by disease and insects. Two of the most notable are Sudden Oak Death and the Emerald Ash Tree Borer. We have prioritized a list of areas in Lumberton in response to Rutgers ash tree and EAB infestation report of last year. We received a donation of $4000.00 from Lumberton Cares last year and this is giving the initiative a huge start.

Last year, under our guidance, a boy scout earned his Eagle badge by planning, financing (through fund raisers), actually digging out, mulching, placing 2 new benches and planting the trees in the new garden on the Village Green.

As a Master Gardener, I have planned and help to plant a demonstration Rain Garden by the Burlington County Cooperative Extension Building. This is still a work in progress as some of the original plantings need to be replaced.

Joan Johnson
First green sprout to last withering leaf,
I am forever gardener.

Certified Rutgers Master Gardener
Certified Rutgers Environmental Steward



Dec, 2016 Update from Dena Steele (Duke'08)

Dena writes that the former Tuxedo Park, NY Race Track is now a natue preserve. This is a project that Dena has championed for many years.

Dena Steele with design team

In this photo Dena walks the site with the LWLA Design Team.

The design plans call for an expansive meadow of native grasses and flowers surrounded by forests which will include walking trails. In addition to to benefitting the ecological health of the Village, the nature preserve will provide all-season use and educational opportunities for the community. This will be a multi-year project funded entirely by private donations and government grants.

The Tuxedo Park Tree Board Organization website has pages with complete descriptions of this and other projects in Tuxedo Park: (Home)

Race Track Nature Preserve Vision and Stewardship.

Other pages which may be of interest to alumni involved with tree management in their communities:

About; Village Tree Code; Projects; News; Homeowners Corner; FAQs

Dena continues to work on her other volunteer projects, as well. She is monitoring a bald eagle nest for New York State Department of Conservation and has seen six fledglings in four seasons. She still alers residents to bears and the problems of garbage and birdfeeders. She has concerns about the Pilgrim Pipeline and asks a relevant question: "When will we start protecting watersheds instead of fighting individual projects?"

TP Nature Preserve


Update from Dena Steele (Duke’08)
May, 2016

Dena sent an update on her environmental stewardship. She continues to monitor the first bald eagle nest on Tuxedo Park’s Eagle Mountain for the fourth season since the DDT crisis. Early in the season, she is in a neighbor’s attic with a scope checking on the nest across Tuxedo Lake. After the leaves come out, she watches the nest from a boat.

In the spring, she still organizes a mailing to the residents of the Park on “Living with Bears” and is happy to say that they have not had a major incident for years. 

At long last, the Village has recognized the value of the twenty plus acres of a former Race Track and Show Grounds and has hired an invasive management firm to address the increasing speed of invasives. Plus, the Village has sent out an RFP for a landscape architect to propose a plan to restore a native meadow in the Race Track.

Dena says that she has worked for years on educating the community on the biodiversity in the Race Track and how the Race Track provides “free” storm water management. She has commissioned studies of the habitats, plants and trees to substantiate the value. Working with a local naturalist, she has assisted in the gathering of information on the flora and fauna used in promoting the uniqueness and value of the Race Track. She has great hopes that the Race Track will, at long last, be preserved as a place of native biodiversity. 

Congratulations to Dena and her husband!

D. Steele



Dena writes:

“Most recently, my husband and I were honored by the Village for our environmental stewardship. A tree was planted in our honor!

As you know, I am truly a believer that the training in the Rutgers Environmental Stewardship program has made me a better volunteer and better environmental steward. I am truly grateful to Rutgers.”



Update from Jim May (EcoComplex'06)

Jim May works for Conserve Wildlife as a guide on the Delaware Bay during the Horseshoe Crab spawning period in May. He often speaks to groups about Red Knot Birds and Horseshoe Crabs and will be presenting the PBS DVD film “Crash: the Tale of Two Species” at the following three venues:
Riverton Library Monday, February 29th, 7 P.M.
Burlington County Library Monday, March 14, 1 P.M. and 7 P.M.
Cinnaminson Library Thursday April 7th at 7P.M. 

Horseshoe Crabs and Red Knot Birds - April 23

Jim will comment on the film and answer questions from the audience. He will also display a decoy of the Red Knot Bird and shells of the Horseshoe Crab, the subjects of the film. For questions, contact Jim May



March, 2016 Update from: Dionne Polk (EcoComplex'07)

Dionne attended a program on the  Emerald Ash Borer Invasion  sponsored by the Ewing Environmental Commission on February 16, 2016. Four speakers gave presentatioins on the EAB and Dionne brought back some excellent information. She would llike to make the information about this serious pest available to all alumni:

Dionne's Report on the Emerald Ash Borer

For More Information (From Presentation by Bill Brash, NJ State Certified Forester)



February 2016 Update from: Joan Kaplan(Middlesex'14)

Joan sends word that the Climate Cjange and Agriculture Fact Sheet is revised and completed. It has been uploaded and is available to interested readers:

Climate Change and Agriculture Fact Sheet

Additional Synthesis of Resources on Climate Change and Agriculture is located on Rutgers Climate Change website.

Joan was instrumental in developing the Fact Sheet as her Internship Project for RES Certification.



February 2016 Update from: Tom DiOrio (EcoComplex'07)

Tom moved to Delaware after he retired in New Jersey. He sent the following update of his current environmental activities to Bruce Barbour:

 I 'retired' to Delaware and have been active as, what I refer to, an Environmental 'Activist'.  I have determined that the only way to make a change is to get other people motivated by picking a 'central ground' where most will agree on an issue.

The attached article I am forwarding will illustrate my point.  I conducted a seminar on GMOs but rather than take a stance pro or con, I chose the 'center ground' issue of "Our Right to Know."  As a result I acquired 237 signatures on a petition letter to my two Senators who will likely support HR 1599 due to the influence of the Biotech Industry in Delaware (Dupont & Agriculture).   In March, I will be doing a presentation on this topic for the local AARP Chapter (45 people).

Additionally, I assist with 2 discussion groups at different libraries here. One is called "Food for Thought" which has drawn up to 32 attendees.  The group nominates topics which are selected  by majority vote.  Each person wishing to speak raises their hand and is put into a Queue. They have 3 minutes to address the topic, there can be no personal attacks, no side bars, etc.  In the group we have retired Doctors, lawyers, scientists, college professors, high school teachers, captains of industry, psychologists, etc. The mix makes for quite an interesting 1 1/2 hours.  An additional venue is "Film for Thought" held once per month.  We show a 'thought provoking film' and then have a discussion afterward.  Some past topics:  sea level rise, GMOs, the Vaccine debate, end of life choices, etc. This month we will be reviewing "The Rise of the Drones".

I am also a member of my Town’s Sustainability (environmental) Committee.
My preparation and training as an Environmental Steward has been invaluable and I thank you for that.  

Please give my best wishes to the group.

Tom DiOrio

Subject: Cape Gazette E-Edition Article
Follow the link below to view the article.


Invitation for January 16, 2016 from Claire Mayer (Essex'09)

Claire sends an invitation to a 4 hour sustainability workshop with Bill Reed:

January 16, 2016, 1-5pm
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Road
Morristown, NJ
Registration is recommended but not required.
For more information or to register, contact: or

More information:

Claire sent the following announcement and a request to promote the program:

"I am very excited about a unique workshop by Bill Reed that I’m helping to organize. I’d love your help in promoting it.

Attached is a Save The Date notice with a few details. Even though the workshop isn’t until January, calendars fill up very quickly.

Bill Reed is a foremost green architect well known for his work in sustainability and regeneration. One of his works was a collaboration in design of the Willow School in Gladstone.  Magnificent!

You might like to watch his video on Sustainability/Regeneration to see what a really upbeat workshop he leads,

His company’s site is and he has a linkedin page as well.
Admission is just by suggested donation as the speaker’s fee has already been covered.

Anything you can do, e.g., send the notice to your e-mail list, invite your colleagues, include an item in your newsletter, post flyers, etc., would be very appreciated. Of course, it would be great if you would come also.

Feel free to get in touch with me with comments or questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!"

Claire Mayer (Essex 2009)
Green Earth Ministry of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
Garden State Earth Institute, Board President


Update from Sue Dorward (Duke'10)

Additional September 28, 2015 venue for David Thoreson at Raritan Valley Community College, 118 Lamington Road in Branchburg, Somerset County:

Sailor and photographer David Thoreson will be giving a talk about his journeys through the Arctic and his observations of Arctic ice melt.  The talk is this coming Monday 9/28 at 11:30am at Raritan Valley Community College in North Branch. See the flyer for more information. The talk is free and open to the public.

Sue Dorward (Duke '10)

Contact for event info.


September 28, 29, 30, 2015 Events Recommended by Amy Weeder (Duke'08)

Amy sent the following letter with 3 opportunities to hear David Thoreson:

A great speaker on climate change and Arctic impacts is coming to NJ and presenting at events in three central locations next week.  I’m helping publicize the events. 

David Thoreson's experiences, photography and the scientific findings from his expeditions in the North/Arctic and circumnavigation of the Americas appear to mirror the findings advertised for the Rutger’s supported research and film about our Southern pole: "Antarctic Edge: 70 degrees South”.

He also relates how pollutants and trash, particularly plastics, are evident in even the most remote, pristine areas of the planet.

Thank you!
Amy Weeder
Rutgers Environmental Steward –  Duke, 2008
Alaska Wilderness League & Sierra Mbr.

Event Information: September 28, 29 or 30, 2015
"Arctic Journeys in the Era of Climate Change" by David Thoreson

Select the registration link below for the date you would like to attend.

Monday, September 28 at 7:30pm 
McCormick Hall – Princeton Art Museum
Princeton, New Jersey 08540    RSVP - Princeton Univ.
Tuesday, September 29  at 7:00pm 
Woodrow Wilson Hall,  Monmouth University 
West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764       RSVP - Monmouth Univ.
Wednesday, September 30  at 7:00pm 
Wilson Auditorium,  Dickinson Hall,   Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metro (Hackensack Campus)
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601                              RSVP - FD Univ. Hackensack

All Events are free and open to the public. 
Seating is limited, RSVP today. 
Maps and venue information area available on the registration websites.

Speaker Information

Join climate activist, adventurer, photographer and sailor David Thoreson for an evening of historic sailing voyages and a discussion of climate change.  A wonderfully engaging speaker, Thoreson will speak about his travels and first hand observations of how climate change is impacting our Arctic. 

David’s work has appeared across a broad spectrum of media from the National Park Service and Smithsonian to the Wall Street Journal and PBS.  A documentary on his circumnavigation of the Americas was recently nominated for an Emmy.

Through first hand observations David's talk presents a compelling and engaging perspective on the climate change impacts currently occurring in the Arctic. There are three great opportunities to join Iowa native David Thoreson for his talks in New Jersey:  Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday,  9/28-30.

For centuries, explorers have sailed treacherous Arctic seas in search of the famed Northwest Passage -- a trade route connecting the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Many of the expeditions ended in disaster, succumbing to Arctic pack ice. The Northwest Passage was thought unnavigable until Roald Amundsen negotiated the perilous waters between 1903 and 1906.

More than a century later in 2007, photographer/videographer David Thoreson was onboard the first American sailboat to successfully navigate the frigid waters connecting the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Thoreson again sailed the NW Passage from West to East during the summer of 2009 becoming the first American sailor in history to traverse the infamous passage in both directions.

An accomplished sailor whose maritime credits include a successful voyage below the Antarctic Circle, Thoreson first attempted to cross the Northwest Passage in 1994 on the 57-foot sailboat Cloud Nine. After icy conditions threatened to crush the sailboat’s hull, the crew was forced to retreat. Thirteen years later, Thoreson made another attempt (again on s/v Cloud Nine) and witnessed firsthand that a changed Arctic climate had reduced the pack ice dramatically, assisting in a successful navigation of the Northwest Passage.


September, 2015 Update for Rhea Landig (Belvidere'12)

Rhea Landig, Executive Director of Species Alliance, spoke on September 13, 2015 about the environment and the film “Call of Life” which was produced by Species Alliance. Her presentation was part of the “Eleven Days of Global Unity Summit" held during September 11 - 21, 2015. Presentations are archived and access information can be found here:  Global Unity Summit

Rhea is also working with Planet Preserve which is giving canning lessons once a month through November.  Part of the profit goes to Species Alliance


September, 2015 Update for: Edward English (Duke'10)

Ed writes that a Deer Management Ordinance (#15-1705) for Bernardsville has been written. The ordinance is to be introduced on September 14, 2015 at the Municipal Building and presented to the public on September 28, 2015. Ed sends the following letter of thanks to the Green Team and everyone else involved in the project and asks for their support during the meetings:

All of you have helped us get an ordinance written and now it's time to get it worded exactly and approved. Thank you for your efforts. It's taken over three years and we do not want to rush it at the end.  The Mayor, Council and lawyer worked expeditiously on the ordinance which was sent out Friday afternoon. There may be some questions this evening about the exact wording and hopefully some of you may be able to attend and respond, or send your suggestion to me via email.

At the meeting on 9/28 there may be many questions from the public even though we all have tried to fully explain deer management many times and the media has been well versed on the subject.  Some of the questions that may arise could involve: 1) limiting the number of deer through sterilization, tubal ligation, etc.; 2) limiting deer damage in anyway other than hunting; 3)  how do you know there are too many deer?; 4) does donating deer meat really help the hungry? 

The Green Team, meeting at the Audubon Society, believes in protecting the environment from deer devastation of our forests.  Our Police Department has advocated all the necessary safety concerns which we have fully supported. So we should be able to answer questions from the public, but it would be helpful if some of you could attend the meeting on 9/28 to make sure the public receives the most accurate and up to date information possible.

We are looking forward to catching up to the successful deer management programs in the surrounding towns. Thank you all, again.

Both meetings will be at the Municipal Building, Court Room, 2nd Flr, 166 Mine Brook Rd. at 7 pm.

Best regards,


Congratulations to: Jim Rokosny (Duke'14)

Jim Rokosny (Duke’14) received the 2015 Public Education Award from the Sustainable Raritan River Collaborative for his Raritan River Week project.

Jim was also awarded a New Jersey Senate Citation for Raritan River Week. Watch the presentation on this video.

For more information about Jim and the Raritan River, please read the following My Central Jersey article


Update for: Edward English (Duke'10)

Ed English is an accomplished photographer and videographer who has contributed photographs and videos to our alumni website, to Rutgers, and to other organizations. He sent the following link to his latest video production, “Sandy’s Wake-Up Call”   Both the exhibition and video were produced and directed by Ed:

Ed took all the photographs published on the alumni website for the 2014 Colloquium/ Commencement: 2014 Colloquium/ Commencement  He was, also, the photographer for the RESAA general membership meeting at the 2014 Forum: General Meeting Photo Gallery

Other videos by Ed include:
“The Raritan River, Our Landscape, Our Legacy”. Studio 7 Fine Art Gallery

“Bernardsville Community Garden”

“Shore/ Lines: New Paintings by Philip Kennedy-Grant”

“Passion for Glass”


Congratulations to Laura Mandell (Duke'11)

New! March Sustainability Hero March 2015 Sustainability Hero is Laura Mandell, the founder and chair of the Warren Township Green Team. Read about how Laura has been leading sustainable initiatives in her community including a DPW building heated with recycled oil, a waste reduction-focused green fair, a mobile hazard tracker app and low impact checklists for development. See how pollinators, Ithaca College, The Fund for New Jersey and 48 pounds of used crayons fit into the story on the Sustainable Jersey Heroes page.   

To capture the stories of our local leaders, we recognize a monthly Sustainability Hero. If you have recommendations for someone on your green team, municipal staff or task force that's a sustainability hero, email us the submission format  

Warren Green Team Facebook Page


Update from William J. Lewis (EcoComplex'09)

Bill writes that he has been on the Board of Directors at EarthShare New Jersey (ESNJ) for about two years. Board members are selected from participating organizations throughout the state. ESNJ and all participating organizations have non-profit standing so donations are tax deductible. ESNJ has been able to raise donations for its federation of environmental nonprofits totaling more than $1mil. 

Bill would like to invite all alumni to attend Earthshare Celebrates New Jersey 2015 which will be held at the Grounds for Sculpture on April 17, 2015. Awards will be given to a business and a citizen who have worked hard to defend the environment. Bill is selling 50/50 raffle tickets for the event and you can contact him at: 

In addition, Bill contributes articles on birds to the ESNJ Blog

Bill wrote the following update for NEST!, the organization that he founded:

As President and founder of NEST!-Nurture Environmental Stewardship Today! I want you to know that one day we would like to be a member organization of ESNJ when we get our structure, finances, and community engagement at a higher level then it is now.  And as I and others have been hard at work establishing NEST! we would not lend our support to something that is not worthwhile for the state of NJ.  Full disclosure NEST!- even though we do not benefit in anyway from ESNJ events we support their mission to: "Mobilize the people of New Jersey to protect our land, water, air and wildlife, making the state a healthier place to live, work and play."


Update from Laura Mandell (Duke'11)

Congratulations! Warren (Somerset County) was awarded the 2014 Sustainable Jersey Award for Creativity and Innovation. Warren also received the Silver Level of Certification! Laura is the Chairperson for the Warren Green Team. This media release from Sustainable Jersey announces the award winners: Press Release

Laura writes:

"I am delighted to share the press release announcing the 2014 Sustainable Jersey award winners. I will be going to Atlantic City on Tuesday (Nov 18) to accept the award and co-present on a panel at the League of Municipalities on the Creativity & Innovation Award and other Warren Green Team activities."


Update from Joan Johnson (EcoComplex'07)

Joan is currently working full time but writes that:

"I am still doing what I can to serve as a force for greening our planet through the Lumberton Reforestation Project, spearheaded by the Lumberton Shade Tree Committee, and speaking before groups about the important role trees will play in the saving of the earth as well as the financial, social and wildlife benefits. I hope to attend the first meeting after Christmas to touch base and interact with all of the folks on the (RESAA Executive Board) committee. I miss the informative discussions which serve as a springboard to fresh new paths of thought to planetary problems."


Update from Rhea Landig (Belvidere'12)

Rhea Landig, writes that Species Alliance is co-sponsoring a very special event which she is helping to produce as Executive Director of Species Alliance:  The Techno-Utopian Teach-In to be held on October 25 – 26, 2014 at the Great Hall of Cooper Union, New York City, with 45 leading scholars, authors and activists participating.   Rhea invites Rutgers Environmental Stewards and interested friends to attend.

For more information and registration, please read: TEACH-IN: Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth



Update from Gabriele Schmitt (Duke'12)

Gabriele writes that she is involved in several environmental endeavors. She says that her classwork and contacts from the Environmental Stewardship program have been and continue to be very helpful.

She is a member of the Environmental Committee and Green Team in Bergenfield. Last year, they were able to get the borough certified under the Sustainable Jersey program. Their goal for that program, this year, is to work for the next step up - silver certification.

Their focus in other areas includes water conservation and stormwater management. They are, also, planning to re-establish the borough’s community garden. It had previously been used by residents to grow fruits and vegetables. Once it is established, Gabriele will try to have at least part of it dedicated for the food pantries in Bergenfield.

The Bergenfield Environmental Committee has been presented a proclamation from Mayor Norman Schmelz for achieving Sustainable Jersey certification - See more at:

Gabriele is, also, a trustee on the board of Fyke nNature, a group that con-manages with the Borough of Allendale and maintains The Celery Farm. Her "mission" is to assist the board - especially in publicity. Here is a write-up of a recent event:



Update from Karin Rindal (Essex'10)

Karin writes that she has been selected as a 2014 America In Bloom judge for the 15-19,000 town population level. AIB does have an environmental component to the competition judging criteria. For more information, click on the website for AIB:

This is the write-up about Karin under the heading of The Judges on the AIB website:

Karin Rindal. Karin Rindal’s wide ranging business career in manufacturing and government includes time involved in international trade program evaluation and training in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Malcolm Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence.

In 2004 Karin discovered the New Jersey Master Gardener program. She was appointed to the Board of Directors at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown, NJ, where she organized annual plant sales and coordinated activities of volunteer committees including donations, raffle, and publicity and print materials.  

Karin has won awards at the New Jersey Home and Garden Show for container design and for horticultural entries at the Newport, RI Flower Show. For two years she wrote a regular weekly garden column for the Millburn/Short Hills Patch.  Since 2005 she has taught gardening and cooking classes to adults and children.  After a trip to Germany to do on-site research and photography, her most recent lecture involves the herbs and gardens of medieval cleric, Hildegard Von Bingen.

Karin currently volunteers at the US Botanic Garden where she has assisted with a broad variety of educational events, including presenting a class on sustainable container gardening.  Through her work at the Botanic Garden on the Sustainable Sites InitiativeTM (SITES) she completed the requirements for the New Jersey Environmental Stewardship program.

Karin’s career began with a degree in Political Science and German, with a minor in French, followed by a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University‘s School of Advanced International Studies. 



New Organization from William J. Lewis (EcoComplex'09)

A new organization called NEST! (Nurture Environmental Stewardship Today!) was started in New Egypt. NEST! "is dedicated to bringing awareness of the environmental diversity of New Jersey to families to include both adults and children.  Our mission is to engage tomorrow’s caretakers to become aware of the need to protect the environment and manage it for sustainability for future generations..." 

Nest! and the NJ Bluebird Society will be promoting the NJ Bluebird Festival On Saturday May 3, 2014 in Plumsted Township. Bluebird Fest Poster


Update from Bob Tallon (EcoComplex'09)

Bob is President of the Crafts Creek and Spring Hill Brook Watershed Association and sent the following newsletter showing activities and upcoming events:

Crafts Creek and Spring Hill Brook Watershed News



Delran Township Green Team Bill Curzie (EcoComplex '07)

Bill has been working hard to establish a Green Team in Delran Township and his efforts are being realized. Please read the following for more information:

Sustainable Jersey Lands Another Participant in Delran

Delran Looking for More "Green Team" Members

March 21, 2014 Delran Green Team Formed


April, 2014 Update Thuy Anh Le (Duke'06)

Thuy Anh reported that the BoroGreen Discover Food Festival went well on March 9, 2014. Here is a nice write-up of the event in the Hillsborough Patch

Thuy Anh announced that she will be running for the Hillsborough Township Committee on a Sustainability platform. She needs to win the primary race on June 3 in order to get on the ballot in November. You can read about her campaign on Facebook

BoroGreen Food Day Conference

Thuy Anh would like to invite everyone to a Food Day Conference sponsored by BoroGreen, Sustainable Hillsborough and Sustainable Jersey on Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm at Duke Farms. For more information, please read the flyer: BoroGreen Food Day at Duke Farms


Congratulations to Suki Dewey (Duke'12)

Suki DeweySuki Dewey was named Raritan Headwaters' Volunteer of the Year On November 21, 2013 at the Somerset Hills YMCA's 26th Annual Volunteer Recognition Night. She was cited "for her passion and boundless dedication to conservation..." For a photo and full story, please click on the following:

Suki Dewey Receives Recognition



Congratulations to Steve Foster (Duke'06)

Readington Township’s 2013 Volunteers of the Year were recently honored at the annual Volunteer Dinner held at the Polish American Citizen’s Club in Whitehouse Station on October 24, 2013. Steve Foster

Steve Foster was recognized for his valuable contributions while serving as Chair of the Environmental Commission, as a member of the Township Green Team and helping Readington Township attain Sustainable Jersey certification.

Steve is pictured with Readington Township Mayor, Julia Allen.

(Photo and text courtesy of Meg Slutter and The Readington News.)



Congratulations to Laura Mandell (Duke'11) and the Warren Township Green Team

Laura Mandell

Laura Mandell, left, chair of the Warren Township Green Team, and Township Committeewoman Carolann Garafola display the certificate Warren Township received from the Association of New Jersey  Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) at its 40th Environmental Congress on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at Middlesex County College, Edison.  The Township Green Team was recognized for having created checklists to encourage individuals and groups that submit site plans for development proposals to incorporate environmentally friendly practices prior to planning and construction. (Photo Credit: Echoes-Sentinel News)

In addition and in acknowledgement of the ANJEC award and leadership of the Warren Green Team, at the October 24 Warren Township Committee Meeting, Laura was  presented with a certificate of recognition for leadership in protecting and preserving the environment

The Warren  Township Green Team won the 2013 ANJEC Environmental Achievement Award for its Low Impact Checklists for Planning and Construction. Laura led the  effort to see the lists developed and worked collaboratively with  Warren professionals and committees over an 8 month time frame. These  lists are now distributed through the construction office when a  resident submits an application and to developers through the planning board at the start of the planning process.

Low Impact Checklist: Construction & Low Impact Checklist: Planning.

News Story


Invitation from Steve Foster (Duke'06)

Steve has organized a Hunterdon County RES Alumni MeetUp for December 10 in Clinton, NJ. Please click on the invitation for details.

December 10, 2013 (Tuesday) 6 - 7:30pm: Invitation to a Hunterdon Alumni MeetUp in Clinton, NJ. Contact Steve

October, 2013

Congratulations! Sustainable Jersey announced that Readington Township has been awarded bronze level certification for 2013. Their application was approved for 16 actions in 11 categories for a total of 175 points.

Steve Foster is Chairman of both the Readington Township Green Team and the Environmental Commission.


September, 2013 update from Thuy Anh Le (Duke'06)

The September BoroGreen Newsletter lists activities that may be of interest to the public as well as to members. There is a tour to the Swallow Hill Alpaca Farm on September 15 and a workshop on "Greening Your Home and Wallet" at the Hillsborough Library on Septemebr 28. A nonpartisan grassroots organization called Friends of Hillsborough Open Space (FOHOS) was formed recently. FOHOS's mission is the preservation and stewardship of open space lands in order to maintain Hillsborough's rural character. More information at

More at Kudos


Update from Doug Vornlocker (Duke'07)

Doug is currently the Director of the Somerset County Office of Emergency Management. In this job, he runs both the Emergency Management and Training Academy Divisions in Somerset County. Although his workload prevents him from participating in RESAA events, he still reads emails and news about the Environmental Stewards. His facility is centrally located and has several large classrooms and meeting rooms and he extends an invitation to RES/ RESAA to hold a class or meeting there.


Update for Karin Rindal (Essex'10)

Karin writes from Washington, DC with information about the latest environmentally-related luncheon that she is organizing for the Women in International Trade
Agriculture Committee on July 16, 2013. Here is the flyer for the event:

Global Food Waste: The Problems and Solutions


Update from Laura Mandell (Duke'11)

Laura sends highly successful results of the Spring Green Fair in Warren (Somerset County). Here are some of the tallies of recycled items:

  • 25,000 pounds of electronics
  • 4,200 pounds of paper shredded
  • 2,000 pounds of books
  • 962 pounds of cloth
  • 170 pounds of old medicine
  • truckloads of styrofoam
  • bottle caps - which will be used in a children's art project
  • eye glasses - which will be repurposed through the Lion's Club
For more information and photos, read the following articles:

Spring Cleaning by the Tonnage from the Warren Patch

At the Warren Green Fair from the Echoes~Sentinel


Update for Sidney Stevens (Belvidere'12)

Sidney writes that she has been doing some work with a new environmental coalition called the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed. It is made up of environmental groups - large and small - that are working to protect the river basin, which spans several states including NY, NJ, PA, and DE.

The Coalition is having its first conference on June 10/11 in Lambertville, NJ. Sidney is asking everyone to pass along the conference information, below, and to spread the word. She is inviting anyone who is part of a watershed group or governmental agency working on these issues, or who is interested in the issues, to consider attending the conference! 

"A Watershed United" Invitation

Conference Agenda

Official conference description:
The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its First Annual Meeting and Conference, A Watershed United, which will be held on June 10-11 at the Inn at Lambertville Station in Lambertville, New Jersey. We hope you’ll join us for an informative mix of panel discussions, working sessions, and field trips to learn more about the current health of the watershed, effective approaches that are being used to protect and improve its resources, and Coalition initiatives to support similar efforts across the basin.

This conference is geared towards those who are working throughout the watershed in professional or volunteer capacities, including members of nongovernmental organizations such as watershed associations, land conservancies, recreational/sporting interests, education/nature centers, and environmental organizations, as well as staff from local, state, or federal agencies. This is a great opportunity to network with your peers along the banks of the Delaware! Please feel free to share this invitation with your members, colleagues, and other organizations. If you have any questions about the conference or the Coalition, please don’t hesitate to call or email me at 609.392.1182 or

Here's a link to register: 

Sidney Stevens
LinkedIn profile


June 2013 update for Marlene Robinson (EcoComplex’07)

Marlene has been named Coordinator for Sustainable New Jersey/Delanco.  She and Mayor Kate Fitzpatrick plan to bring sustainability benefits to Delanco's many organizations while listening to the issues they feel are important and doable.  However, Delanco has been going green for many years. The town recycles paper and plastic, has added new parks and ball fields almost every year, has walking and bicycling trails, shade tree advocates and some solar panels. The residents compost individually and the township compost is sold to other towns. Marlene is a member of the Delanco Environmental Advisory Board, the Pompeston Creek Watershed Association,  and a number of art organizations.  Marlene also conducts science, environmental and art workshops for schools and the public.


Update for Rhea Landig (Belvidere’12)

Rhea Landig is now the Executive Director of Species Alliance which produced the film, Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction, a documentary about the rapid loss of species in our lifetime. Upcoming and past screenings of the film can be found here

In addition to being a Rutgers Environmental Steward, is a New York media professional with extensive experience both in front of the camera as a spokesperson and behind it as a producer and editor for print and television. She has also worked with numerous non-profits including The Hunger Project, Youth at Risk, and Therapy Dogs International.

If anyone would like to host a screening of the film, please contact Rhea directly:

Email:; Mobile: 973-207-5457; Fax: 908-894-5421.



Update from Bill Curzie (EcoComplex '07)

Delran Green Team

Delran Green Team: (L to R) Mike Schwartz, Pat Kolodi, mayor Ken Paris, Lona Pangia, Gary Catrambone, Tom Morrow, and kneeling, Bill Curzie, Green Team proponent


Delran Township adopted a resolution of participation in the New Jersey sustainable communities program on April 23.  Bill Curzie, former Delran environmental advisory agency coordinator in the 1970s, made a presentation, in early January, to the Delran council urging them to consider obtaining a Sustainable Jersey certification. Council was receptive to the idea and two members, Lona Pangia and Pat Kolodi accompanied him to several local and regional sustainable workshops and meetings in the area. They were encouraged by the information and contacts with enthusiastic Green Team organizers and members.  By April the council was ready to go ahead with the resolution.

Sustainable Jersey was launched in February '09. In 2012 it evolved into a nonprofit organization with a board of directors. The only required action to become certified is to have a Green Team. The Green Team is appointed by the local governing body and includes representatives from relevant municipal departments, environmental groups, and volunteers from the community. Such key constituents as the business community, faith based groups, and school groups are also important in the make up of the Green Team.

Through the sustainable program, municipalities can save money, also obtain grants, and generally take steps to sustain the quality of life over the long-term in their community.
Going forward, the township will make  more information available  on their website regarding the various opportunities for participation and activities available in the township.

In New Jersey, over 100 municipalities are certified. Towns surrounding Delran which are certified or seeking certification include Beverly, Bordentown, Burlington city, Eastampton, Westampton, Southampton, Edgewater Park, Palmyra, and Willingboro, among others.(See "Burlington County Times" article Tuesday, April 16, Jeannie O' Sullivan).

Township administrator Jeff Hatcher is urging Twp. residents who may be interested in being appointed to positions on the Green Team to submit their contact information to him at the Township. He will follow up in the near future after the Council works out administrative details. Meanwhile residents can attend the council sessions at the municipal building on Chester Avenue in Delran.

To register, or for more information contact Jeff Hatcher at,  or call 856-461-7734 extension 113.

Read more in this article:


Update for Sandy Simpson (Duke'12)

Sandy has been attending training at Duke Farms to become a Duke Steward. The classes were formerly known as "docent" training. Duke Farms is building up a volunteer base and the 7 week series of talks about different aspects related to the Duke Farms mission prepare volunteers for their work.
On March 23, Sandy and her husband participated in a clean-up along the Jersey shore. They worked at Sandy Hook but there were many other locations all the way down to Cape May. They spent a couple of hours helping to remove some of the lingering storm debris and other trash. The next clean-up event will take place on Saturday, April 27 and volunteers are needed. The Clean Action group will hold continuing events and this website includes the upcoming dates and locations


Update for Marlene Robinson (EcoComplex'07)

Marlene is currently working for sustainability certification in her community. She is an environmental educator in South Jersey and Philadelphia schools and has lesson plans that she is willing to share with other teachers. Marlene also takes part in many environmental events in her area.

Lenape Village on Burlington Island – Last year, Marlene applied for a grant so that the Board of Island Managers would allow plans to continue for the Lenape educational village to be constructed on Burlington Island. She feels that it is important to save the artifacts and burial grounds located on the island. Burlington Island is also being considered as a location for dumping Delaware River dredgings.


Update for Robert Tallon (EcoComplex'08)

Bob is President of the Crafts Creek/Spring Hill Brook Watershed Association. A 5 year study of a storm water basin in the Watershed concluded last year. The study was funded by the Watershed Institute Grant Program. Bob presided over the presentation of the results at a public meeting held in the Mansfield Township Municipal Building. After a powerpoint presentation, Bob and engineering consultant, Margaret Snyder, answered questions posed by audience members which included: Mansfield Township committee members, area business owners, residents and concerned citizens

Bob's message was: "Our study results demonstrate that available sound environmental protections must be utilized and adhered. We can have economic prosperity AND a clean environment. We look forward to working with officials to rectify existing problems and prevent future ones from occurring."


Update for Jim May (EcoComplex'06)

Jim is working on three areas of interest to him:Jim May

  • Promoting the use of discarded or leftover Christmas trees as frames for sand dunes to repair beach erosion in Cape May
  • Ensuring that the habitat for horseshoe crabs to lay their eggs has been restored after the recent storms so that the horseshoe crab – red knot interdependence can continue. The horseshoe crab is also an important contributor to human health.
  • Promoting the use of brownfields in Palmyra as sites for solar panels



Update for Edward English (Duke'10)

Ed videotaped Dr Peter Montague’s 3 hour class lecture to the Duke 2010 class.  Then, he edited the video to a 2 hour presentation and added text for clarification of some class questions and discussion. Dr. Montague will not be lecturing this year but class members and alumni can watch the video here: . In addition to recording and editing videos, Ed is an excellent still photographer and often photographs Environmental Steward activities.

He is a member of the Bernardsville Green Team and was instrumental in bringing an online deer questionnaire to the residents. More information can be found in the following article published in the “Bernardsville News,” New Jersey Hills:  Bernardsville presents deer questionnaire to residents, The questionnaire could also be completed by picking up and returning a hard copy at Borough Hall or the Bernardsville Public Library.


Update for Ila Gillenwater (Duke'11)

Ila is in charge of planning the Warren Spring Green Fair which will be held at the Warren Municipal Complex on April 27, 2013. Attendees are encouraged to bring "hard to dispose" items, such as: papers that need shredding, old medicine, ink cartridges, eyeglasses, draperies and linens, shoes and clothes. Items can be brought for electronic recycling and styrofoam recycling. Plastic bottle caps will be collected and books, DVDs and CDs can be brought to swap and share.


Update for Laura Mandell (Duke'11)

Laura writes that the Warren Township Green Team will host a Spring Green Fair on April 27, 2013 at the Warren Municipal Complex. There will be recycling of hard to recycle items, Tree Seedlings and information on environmentally friendly practices.

In March, the Green Team held a free movie night and discussion with refreshments. The Movie was King Corn.

Sustainable Jersey award photo

In this photo, Warren Township receives Bronze Certification at the Sustainable Jersey Awards presentation on January 29. The event had originally been scheduled to take place last November in Atlantic City at the League of Municipalities Conference, but was canceled due to Superstorm Sandy.

The folks in the Sustainable Jersey Awards Programs photo are: Donna Drewes (Co-Director), Pam Mount (President of the Board), Laura Mandell and Randy Solomon (Co-Director). All the towns that received awards and certifications were honored at this event.

Warren's Certification included 19 actions to qualify:

1.Create a Green Team 2. Sustainable Land Use Pledge 3. Hold a Green Fair 4. Green Your Green Fair 5. Community Asset Mapping 6. High Efficiency Municipal Buildings: High Performance Building 7. Energy Audits for Municipal Facilities: Inventory and Upgrade All Buildings 8. Innovation Demonstration Project: Using recycled oil to heat the DPW building 9. Integrated Pest Management 10. Environmentally Friendly Grounds and Maintenance Policy 11. Open Space Plans 12. Environmental Commission13. Anti-Idling & Enforcement Program14. Community Gardens 15. Energy Star Library Facility

16. Education for Sustainability Programs 17. School Based Energy Conservation Programs 18. Community Paper Shredding Day 19. Tree Protection Ordinance

More information can be found in this press release.

More at Kudos


Update for Lisa Petriello (Duke 2010)

Lisa Petriello is Secretary of Sustainable Moorestown and says that living sustainably is easier than most people think. She shares some ideas in this March 20, 2013 article from the "Moorestown Sun" Residents share tips on living a sustainable life.


Update from Mary Harper (ACUA'08) and Becky Hedden (ACUA'08)

Mary Harper (ACUA’08) and Becky Hedden (ACUA’8), cooperated on a RES internship project at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and achieved certification in 2009. Mary and Becky came to speak to the new RES students on opening day of the ACUA’13 class, this year.

A March 18, 2013 article in the “Press of Atlantic City” highlights Mary Harper's current work at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge where she continues to be a very active volunteer.


Update from Arnold Mercer (Duke'12)

Arnold Mercer investigated sources of food waste in Mercer County that could be used for Anaerobic Digestion to biomethane and compost. He completed his internship and was certified in 2012. His 28-page report, “Assessment of Food Waste Generation in Mercer County, NJ.” is now available here and is, also, linked to his project description.


February 26, 2013 Update from Dan Morley (Duke'08)

Dan writes that, this week, he is starting a seven-week training program (one three hour session per week) to become a Duke Farms Docent.  The program opens up more opportunities for him to volunteer at Duke and support their mission as a model for environmental stewardship.

More at Kudos


Update from Will Sigle (Duke'06)

On February 12, 2013, Will Sigle attended a program on “Archaeological Exploration at the Abbott Marshlands" held at the D&R Greenway's Johnson Education Center in Princeton. During the current restoration and expansion of the Marsh Nature Center, significant Lenni Lenape artifacts were discovered.  Renowned Archaeologist Richard Hunter described historical explorations and showed examples of the thousands of Native American artifacts discovered at the site, which is located near Trenton. Urban architect Jeanne Perantoni announced that Mercer County's Marsh Nature Center is anticipated to open in autumn 2013, and discussed her firm’s plan for the preservation of the artifacts during construction.

The Abbott Marshlands were originally called the Hamilton-Trenton – Bordentown Marsh and consist of both natural and created marsh areas. They are the northernmost tidal freshwater wetlands on the Delaware River, located 2 miles south of Trenton.

Will says that there are many opportunities for volunteer work at the Abbott Marshlands. Their website is a good place to start:

For more information, visit the Abbott Marshlands home page: and the following page for suggested activities:

Separate Topic
Will would like to recommend the following book: The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann; first published in 1998, revised and updated in 2004.


Update from James Newquist (Essex '07)

Jim Newquist invites all birding enthusiasts to attend a local event "Great Bird Count" at Mt Olive Library on Saturday, February 16, 2013. He says that it will be an interesting winter family experience. Here is more event information:

February, 2013 Greetings from James Newquist (Essex '07)

Jim sends greetings from his new country home in Thornton, New Hampshire. He is enjoying a recent snowfall and the hemlocks of the White Mountains.

More at Kudos


January, 2013 Update from Eric Sween (Duke ‘08)

Eric writes that he continues to be involved in environmental volunteer work. He has been on the Bethlehem Township Environmental Commission for 13 years, and is his 9th year as EC Chair.

He has worked with the Highlands Council and Highlands Coalition, the Musconetcong Watershed Association and the South Branch and Upper Raritan Watershed Associations, now Raritan Headwaters Association.

He has been involved in community well testing, riparian buffer planting with NJRC&D, recycling, the Bethlehem Township Green Team and Sustainable Jersey.

Eric volunteered with the Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity from 1994 until offered a paid position as a Site Supervisor in 2008: . As a volunteer, he has worked with the Morristown, Newark, Paterson and Warren County Habitat affiliates over the years. He has also worked with Samaritan's Purse for the Katrina clean-up and re-build, as well as many other local, county, state and federal organizations.

Eric says that there are many opportunities for volunteers to help in NJ. He sent a list of websites that would welcome volunteer help. These and other organizations can be found on the Useful Connections page of links on this website.

Eric has also been working 2 jobs 7 days a week for 4 years and has little time for any additional volunteer work.


January, 2013 Update from Marianne Reynolds (Duke'09)

Marianne lives in Maine and is a volunteer docent at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay:

She also volunteers with the Boothbay Region Land Trust:

She is a member of a statewide Encorps Leadership Program which provides education, training and support for volunteers over 50 years of age: The Encorps Leadership website is:

Marianne writes: "I enjoy all of them."

She adds that she would be happy to show off the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens or Land Trust preserves to any alumni who might be visiting in the area.


January, 2013 Update from Susan Gulliford (Duke'10)

Susan writes that she has just been reappointed to the Sourland Alliance as one of the two Hillsborough representatives.

Susan is a photographer and contributes photos to the alumni website.


January, 2013 Update from Karin Rindal (Essex'10)

Karin Rindal belongs to The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT), a professional association of members who share an interest and expertise in international trade. Karin is a Committee Head of the Agriculture Committee of WIIT in Washington DC and is currently planning an event on food scarcity to be held on February 13, 2013. The featured speaker is Lester Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute. His topic is "Food as the New Oil: The Geopolitics of Food Scarcity." Read more information about the event in Karin's flyer.


January, 2013 Update from Laura Mandell (Duke'11)

Laura writes that she is still advocating for the environment as the Chair of the Warren Township Green Team, as an Environmental Commissioner, and as a Board of Education representative. She also started working full time this year.

Laura would like some information on web hosting from servers where the power is derived from renewable sources.  If you you use a "green" web hosting server, or have information on the topic, please contact:

Green Team Committee Chair, Laura Mandell - email:

Warren Township

46 Mountain Boulevard, Warren, NJ 07059
Phone: (908) 753-8000

More at Kudos


January, 2013 Update from Dan Morley (Duke'08)

Dan writes: "I’m still volunteering at Duke Farms, doing surveys for New Jersey Audubon, and volunteering with the Environmental Commission for South Plainfield. All of which is a direct outcome of the environmental stewards program." 

This newspaper photo of Dan shows him taking pictures of birds at the Nj Meadowlands Festival of Birding.


January, 2013 Update from Susan Barbuto (Essex'07)

Congratulations! Sue Barbuto has been chosen to serve on the Board of Advisors of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont. Read more about Sue on the RSENR Board of Advisors page. Additional information about the School can be found on the RSENR Home Page.


January, 2013 Update from Michele A. McBride (Duke'10)

Congratulations! Michele McBride was recently elected Mayor of Union Township, Hunterdon County. She is the former Vice-Chair of the Union Township Environmental Committee and is a member of the Township Committee.

More information can be found on the following links:

Members of the Union Township Committee ; News article in local paper; Union Township Home Page

The new Mayor can be reached at:

Michele A. McBride, Deputy Mayor,The Township of Union
140 Perryville Road, Hampton, NJ  08827
phone: 908 528-1064; fax:  908 638-9291

More at Kudos


January, 2013 Update from Gary Oppenheimer (Essex'05) continues to grow... and is now part of the service projects program for the Presidential Inauguration. Check out this Blog:

Gary asks that:

"all of the RESAA folks visit Ample Harvest .org National Day of Service to learn what they can do in their community this weekend (January 19 - 21, 2013).

Gary is the Founder and Executive Director of, a CNN Hero and TEDx presenter.

He can be reached at:; Tel: Ample-6-9880 (267-536-9880)

More at Kudos


January, 2013 Update from William Curzie (EcoComplex'07)

Bill writes that, a few days ago, he made a presentation to the Delran Council and they agreed to accept his proposal to restart the Advisory Environmental Agency. There was special interest in pursuing sustainability. Bill is very interested in attending the January 30, 2013 Stratford School presentation on sustainable communities in Camden County (Creating Community Connections)


January, 2013 Update from Ellen Gerber (Belvidere'12)

Ellen Gerber is a graduate of the 2012 Belvidere class and has just been appointed as an alternate to her township's Environmental Commission (Bloomingdale, NJ). She has been advised that she will be a full member by March. Ellen completed her internship project and was certified in November, 2012. (Gerber, Ellen)


January, 2013 Update from William J. Lewis (EcoComplex'09)

Plumsted Environmental Commission Chairman William J. Lewis reports that a sister committee to the EC, the Sustainable Jersey Program Committee (SJPC) of which he is also the Chair, has been formed in the township. During the holidays, the new committee teamed up with the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) High School Club’s holiday wreath fundraiser to promote small town business in New Egypt. Grapevine wreaths with red bows were displayed on the doors of participating businesses in the SJPC's "buy local" campaign.

A Santa approved mailbox was set up on the corner of Brindletown Road and Main Street to encourage people to visit the downtown area. It was rumored that letters with clearly written return addresses received responses from the big man himself.

In order to foster town pride and tradition, the Town Tree was brought to Main Street with the help of many members of the community. Committee members are grateful to the residents and the participating local businesses for their support of the SJPC campaign.

The SJPC suggests that anyone in the market for any new electronic equipment this year think about purchasing those items that have the Energy Star label on them. This quote from a Blog explains one advantage: "By choosing ENERGY STAR certified products for your home office and enabling power management, you can save up to $390 over the life of the products. ENERGY STAR computers and monitors have a power management sleep mode to ensure you are saving energy (and money on utility bills) when the products are not in use"

For more information, contact the team at:

Congratulations! The Plumsted Environmental Commission received the 2012 ANJEC Environmental Achievement Award for the Kestral Awareness Project with Girl Scout Troop 559. The award was presented at the ANJEC Congress on October 20, 2012.

PTEC Award

This photo was taken at the ANJEC Congress. Posing left to right are Chairman of the PTEC Environmental Commission William Lewis (EcoComplex'09), Governor Jim Florio, who was the Keynote Speaker, Girl Scout Ellie Witham and Larry Withham, also a member of PTEC.

As a group, PTEC is committed to educating the youth of their community in environmental awareness. This is one of many projects they have worked on over this past year. They are currently in the process of establishing an after school environmental club cosponsored by the Ken Francis Environmental Stewards Association (KFESA).

The young environmental stewards have chosen the name of the club to be Plumsted Youth for Nature and the Environment (PYNE). A collaborative team dynamic is currently in the process of being being built. Click here for more information.

More at Kudos



The following Environmental Stewards are featured on the Kudos page:

Ron Chen, Bill Curzie, Steve Foster, Kim Hood, Thuy Ahn Le, William J. Lewis, Laura Mandell, Jim May, Michele McBride, Dan Morely, Jim Newquist, Gary Oppenheimer, Karin Rindal, Marlene Robinson, Paula Uhland, Karen Walsh

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