Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Rutgers Environmental Stewards]

Achieve 'River Friendly' Certification for Duke Farms

Host Agency:  Duke Farms Foundation
Address: 80 Route 206 South Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Phone: (908) 243-3656
Supervisor Name: Thomas Almendinger
E-mail of Supervisor:
Nature of Host Agency:   Non-profit

Project Description:.
Duke Farms (DF) is engaged in demonstrating land stewardship practices with a focus on restoring less than optimal habitats.  With this in mind, DF is attempting to showcase ecological stewardship projects currently underway.  One way to signify or gauge these practices, it is to have an outside organization take a look at activities and determine if they meet certain criteria.  One of these projects is known as the River Friendly  Program.  The E-Steward will be the lead in a project to certify DF as a River Friendly Farm.  The project tasks will include:  

               1)  researching which “river friendly” program is the best fit for DF
               2)   working with DF staff and certification entity to develop a site assessment
               3)   detail specific goals for the project
               4)   develop plans to achieve goals
                5)  complete certification and write-up program summary

Examples of River Friendly Programs below:

Nature of anticipated impact :    Environmental

Evaluation Plan:

The candidate will write a report detailing recommendations and fill out the application forms for this project.  They will also write a summary about the project from concept to initiation.